Ivanka Trump Encourages Event Planners to Dream Big #cventconnect

Ivanka Trump at Cvent ConnectIn an intimate conversation with Eric Eden, Cvent's Senior Vice President of Marketing, Ivanka Trump shared her perspective on what it takes to be successfully in the hospitality industry and personally:

Here are a few take-aways.

  • Maintain a family feel as you grow.
    Ivanka pointed out that, like many other successful brands in the hospitality industry, The Trump Organization is first and foremost a family business. By shaping a culture that preserves that sense of family, hotel brands are more likely to succeed.
  • Be present and obsess over details.
    Ivanka regularly visits construction sites as new properties emerge and ensures that the quality that is synonymous with the brand Trump is built in from the start.

    That same level of attention to detail once a property has opened is what differentiates great from good hotels.

Ivanka Trump Interview with CventEvent planners can also deliver great meetings by obsessing over the details and customizing the attendee experience. (The signature Trump Attaché™ service is an example of a highly customized guest experience.)

There is also an opportunity to customize experiences for clients who don't want all the bells and whistles. Trump Express™ was created to address this need.

  • Do business only in places where you want to be.
    The Trump family carefully selects the locations for the new properties it adds to its collection based on the passion and interests of family members.
  • Strive to bring the local environment into meetings spaces and events.
    This will add the unique flavor that keeps guests and clients coming back.
  • Build health and wellness into event venues, meetings and events.
    When attendees are away from their day-to-day family responsibilities, it's an ideal pocket of time to pause and re-charge their batteries.

    Whether it's exercise facilities and programs, meditation, or other wellness initiatives, it's a gift that event planners and hoteliers can give to their clients.

Ivanka had also advice for emerging professionals. She urged them to make their mark by taking on tasks and projects that other employees are running away from. In this way it's possible to slowly make your mark. She also encouraged young professionals to ask questions. "It's better to to ask a question than to make a mistake by not asking it."

Finally, Ivanka encouraged event planners and hoteliers to dream big. Donald Trump has just done this by throwing his hat into the ring in the political arena. The Trump Organization is dreaming big by opening new properties and acquiring and redesigning others.

  • In 2012, Miami's iconic Doral Golf Resort & Spa was acquired and added to the Trump Hotel Collection. Trump National Doral, which has been fully redesigned now has more than 100,000 square feet of re-imagined Miami meetings space.
  • In July 2014, began a $200-million, re-design of the Old Post Office in Washington, DC. When it is finished, it will have the largest ballroom in the Greater Washington, DC area.
  • Developments area also under way in Vancouver and Rio.

Luxury hotels in New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Panama, Toronto, Waikiki, Miami, and Ireland are part of the Trump Hotel Collection, which has grown by dreaming big.

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