Jamaica: Hideaways of the Rich and Famous

Today, we'll head east to Ocho Rios and beyond to discover some hideaways of the rich and famous in Jamaica.

Mick Jagger's Home

Guess which of these homes in the hils of Ocho Rios is owned by Mick Jagger.

Ian Fleming penned the James Bond novels at, Goldeneye, his private winter hideaway. To find it, head east from Ocho Rios until you come to a small village called Oracabessa (Spanish for "golden head"). Another famous person, Chris Blackwell, has developed Goldeneye as part of his Island Outpost luxury resorts chain. Ian Fleming's home is still on the property.

Chris Blackwell who made his fortune through Island Records, the label that took Bob Marley's music around the globe, has deep roots in Jamaica. His mother Blanche, a member of the Lindo family that made a fortune through rum (Appleton) and sugar built Bolt House in 1950. If you keep heading East, you'll find this beautiful 50 acre estate on a hill in Galina, overlooking Port Maria (which also happens to be my family's home town). Bolt House is now a boutique hotel.

Firefly View, Port Maria, Jamaica

View From Firefly

Also overlooking Port Maria is Firefly, Sir Noël Coward's private residence. You can tour Firefly where the British playwright entertained the Queen Elizabeth II, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Vivien Leigh, and Sir Laurence Olivier, Sean Connery, and Errol Flynn.

Speaking of Errol Flynn, you'll have to head much further east, all the way to Port Antonio to find 65 acre Navy Island, the Jamaican hideaway where the swashbuckling movie star and his wife entertained their Hollywood friends. Hopefully, one day it will be restored and visitors to Jamaica will be able to see it.

We've barely scratched the surface and our time is up. There isn't enough time to talk about Cinnamon Hill, Johnny Cash's home or the other places that the rich and famous have called home in Jamaica. You'll have to come to Jamaica to discover them for yourself. Tomorrow we'll look at where the rich and famous stay in Jamaica.

Photo Credit: Runs With Scissors

Photo Credit: Executive Oasis International

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