Jamaica's Glowing Natural Wonder

  • What natural wonder is bluish-green, shiny and gives off an eerie glow?
  • What's a unique phenomenon that you can only view at 3 public places on the planet?

Glistening Waters, Falmouth, Jamaica Its phosphorescence (also called bio luminescence). It happens when perfectly safe micro-organisms give off an iridescent, bluish-green glow, creating psychedelic effects every time they are disturbed. You'll see the glow every time something moves through, touches or falls into the water.

For the science buffs, these microscopic organisms are called "pryodinium bahamene" and they are a type of dinoflagellate.

                                                                        Photo Credit: Tim Nash

With photographic lenses that zoom in on the pryodinium bahamene, you can see what's behind these special effects.

Glow in the dark toys mimic this natural special effect. Think of it as the underwater equivalent of the Aurora Borealis or the Aurora Australis. That's the end of the science lesson.

The main thing to remember is that they create a "super-cool" phenomenon and the "wow factor." For event planners in search of unique experiences for corporate events, these stunning visual effects are guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser.

Luminous Lagoon, Falmouth, JamaicaIn Jamaica, you can see the world's brightest phosphorescent lagoons at Luminous Lagoon near Falmouth where the Caribbean Sea meets the Martha Brae River. (The Martha Brae is where you can go rafting during the day). Visit at dusk. You can swim in the water and experience this phenomenon in an upfront and personal manner. When your boat ride is over, treat yourself to dinner at the Glistening Waters seafood restaurant overlooking the lagoon.

You can also witness this phenomenon at Vieques Island, Puerto Rico and Manly Beach, Australia.

                                                                                     Photo Credit: Brian Crawford

For easy access to Luminous Lagoon, search the Cvent Supplier Network for resorts and hotels near Montego Bay or Falmouth, Jamaica.

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