Incentive Destinations: Keeping Cool in Asia and Polynesia

Dining in the Water, St. Regis Bora BoraThis summer, many destinations have experienced unprecedented heat waves. When this happens, it can be a challenge to come up with unique ways for groups to keep their cool.

We've previously drawn inspiration from waterparks, indoor beaches, snow houses, ice cafes and waterfall restaurants. Here are other really creative ways to beat the heat.


Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Dining in the Water, St. Regis Bora BoraSt. Regis Bora Bora places a heavy emphasis on customizing the guest experience. A guest preference form is sent to all leisure guests and individuals from corporate groups. (We have previously discussed the fact that the hotel also uses social media to customize the experience when individuals provide their social media coordinates.)

Recently, in partnership with a local DMC, the resort created Dining in the Water, for a corporate group seeking a unique way to cool off.

This lunchtime experience in a special area of the resort is now available for groups of 30 - 60. Great care is taken to serve dishes that don't disrupt the environment. For example, Tracey Fentem, Director of Sales and Marketing for Starwood Hotels, indicated that cold and refreshing dishes are served and caution is exercised to avoid dishes with vibrant colors. Dining in the Water is about $150 per person plus set-up and labor charges.

The Philippines

  • Labasin Waterfalls Restaurant at Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort

Beside a waterfall, bamboo tables have been set in the water. Guests remove their shoes and socks. They sample local cuisine while they are cooled off by the mist from the waterfall and the ankle deep crystalline water in which they soak their feet while they dine.

After lunch, guests can tour the museum or paddle bamboo rafts on Lake Labasin.

Indoor Waterfall Hyatt RegencyHawaii

An large indoor waterfall runs from the 3rd floor to the open air hotel lobby on the main level. There are also 2 smaller ones that run from the second floor.

The waterfalls circulate the air as they cascade and create a cool and refreshing effect. There are tables and chairs around the waterfalls where guests can sit and relax.

Guests can get refreshments from Les Jardins a snack bar that sells smoothies, acai bowls with fruit granola and yogurt or the Kimobean coffee shop and bring them back to the tables.

For other creative ideas to beat the heat, also check out Corporate Event Venues: Cool Off at a Waterpark, 6 Places to Keep Your Cool as Temperatures Soar and Event Venues and Restaurants with Waterfalls.

Photo Credit: Bora Bora - Sadry Ghacir, LagoonServices

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