4 Lake Gardens in Asia

Hamamatsu Flower ParkWith colorful flowers, sunlight or moonlight shimmering on the water, and green spaces for relaxation, Lake Gardens are the perfect location for weddings and outdoor events. Fortunately, you'll find them throughout Asia and new ones are taking shape.

Hamamatsu Flower Park (Japan)

Set around Lake Hamana, at Hamamatsu Flower Park, seasonal flowers can be enjoyed throughout the year. Sakura season begins in mid-February. The park is most colorful in late March to mid-April during the Lake Hamana Flower Festa. 600,000 tulips bloom towards the end of March. A musical fountain show entertains guests with a variety of formations se tot music.

Sun Moon Lake (Taiwan)

Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan's only natural lake, changes with the seasons. Waterfalls during the summer. Red maples give the area a dramatic feel in autumn. In the spring, groups can hold their events against a backdrop of cherry blossoms. Venues include Fleur de Chine Hotel and Ita Tha, the community where the Thao aboriginal people live.

Mines Wonderland (Kuala Lumpur)

Mines Wonderland gets its name from the fact that it was once an open cast tin mine. With a 150-acre lake, musical fountains and gardens, it's a truly relaxing setting for events. Water taxis and garden boats float along canals that take you to the world's only shopping center that you enter from the water. Children will enjoy the theme park.

Palace of the Golden Horses, a luxury hotel at the edge of the lake is available for meetings, conferences, and group events. 

On the Horizon

Jurong Lake Gardens (Singapore)

Jurong Lake Gardens is taking shape in an area that was swampland as recently as the 1950s. The area was drained and cleared for agricultural use and soon it will be a the new national garden, a greenspace for Singaporeans and visitors to enjoy. 

The public has  being invited to submit ideas to help shape the garden. 

Photo Credit: Go Central Japan


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