Christmas Event Planning: Finding Venues at the Last Minute

Christmas PartyFinding a Christmas event venue at the last minute may seem like a daunting task but it's not impossible. Even after the calendar has flipped to December, some venues will still have availability. They are just as eager to fill their vacant dates as you are to find an event venue.

Here are 6 quick tips to supercharge your Christmas event venue search.

  1. Use the Cvent Supplier Network.
    Cvent has compiled a list of Top U.S. Special Event Venues. You can submit a request online to any of them.

    Event planners who are seeking a venue on short notice should also check out:
  2. Be flexible about your dates.
    At the last minute, venues will be less likely to have space on Friday or Saturday night and more likely to be available on weekday evenings (e.g. from Monday to Thursday).
  3. Think outside the box.
    Small groups can use party rooms at restaurants with great menus and Christmas decorations. Larger groups can opt for hotels, country clubs, or banquet facilities that are used to pulling events together on short notice. Church halls are fully decorated for Christmas and may have availability on some weekday evenings.

    To inspire you, here are some other Christmas event venue ideas for large and small groups.
  4. LChristmas hashtageverage social media.
    Get the word out that you are looking for a Christmas event venue. Start with the word "URGENT".
    • Tweet the fact that you are looking for a Christmas event venue. Use the hashtag for your city, #Christmas and a hashtag like #eventprofs that's sure to grab attention.
    • Post your request on Facebook. Use hashtags there too.
    • Post in your LinkedIn status update and LinkedIn Groups (for example I am Looking For... Event Recommendations, Suggestions, Venues & Suppliers).
    I posted in a LinkedIn Group asking venues that had space to identify themselves for this blog post and got prompt responses from: If I had been specific about the city, I would have received even more responses from social media.
  5. Dial around.
    Get a telephone chain together and hit the phones. Call local banquet halls, hotels, tea salons, greenhouses, and churches.
    I quickly located vacancies at 2 Toronto area hotels experimenting with this strategy: Hilton Garden Inn & the adjoining Toscana Banquet & Conference Centre, Vaughan, Ontario, The Briars, Jackson's Point, Ontario.
  6. Leverage your offline networks.
    Reach out to colleagues. Other event planners my be aware of venues with vacancies. Ask "Where are you having your Christmas event this year? Do they have space?"

When it's all over, over a friendly lunch or coffee, gently remind your internal or external client of the importance of planning for events early. offer to start pulling ideas together for next Christmas.

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Photo Credit: Adrian Clarke, Phillip Carnegie

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