Le Saint Sulpice Hotel Boosts Occupancy with Innovative Marketing Campaign

La Valise, Film by Le Saint SulpiceYesterday, we highlighted the fact that, when fine-tuning their marketing for 2014, it is important for event planners to integrate on-line and off-line marketing activities. As promised, today we'll inspire you with a success story from the hospitality industry.

For its 10th anniversary, as the first part of a 3-tiered campaign "Surprenez votre imaginaire/Indulge your Imagination," Montreal's Le Saint Sulpice hotel produced a 15-minute film called La Valise. To build awareness and significantly boost their social media presence, they combined on-line and off-line marketing. For example, they had a Twitter contest focusing on the YouTube trailers for each of the main characters in the film.

The hotel launched an official La Valise website. For MONTREAL EN LUMIERE, Montreal's annual Nuit Blanche event, they screened the winning films from the Air Canada En Route Short Film Festival in the hotel courtyard. They screened the official 1 minute La Valise trailer before each film.

In order to connect with celebrities, the hotel provided gift certificates for a stay at the hotel and postcards with the La Valise movie poster in the celebrity "goodie" bags for the presenters, nominees, and winners and at Gala Artis (the Quebec equivalent of the People's Choice Awards).

As the official hotel partner for Les Rendez-vous du cinema quebecois , the most important film festival for Quebec film-makers, Le Saint Sulpice arranged for the La Valise trailer to roll before every film.

2000 movie posters were posted around Montreal. Miniature versions of the poster were distributed as postcards at trade shows and mailed out to clients. The trailer was aired as a TV commercial during hockey games and news broadcasts.

The release of the film was given the star treatment and handled like any other film launch. All of these strategies raised awareness, built momentum and really paid off. When By the time Le Saint Sulpice approached celebrities to attend their star studded, red carpet film launch, La Valise and the hotel were known entities.

In May 2012, a meeting room at Le Saint Sulpice was converted into a movie theater. BMW provided transportation from local parking lots to the hotel. The 15-minute film was screened at a red carpet event for celebrities and journalists.

Le Saint Sulpice carefully tracked the impact of the campaign on the bottom line. They submitted La Valise at the 2013 Grand Prix du Tourism Quebecois and walked away with the gold prize for their hotel category. In November, 2013 at the Worldwide Hospitality Awards in Paris the campaign won for the best hotel marketing campaign in the world.

The full campaign is summarized in the brief and film that were submitted for the Worldwide Hospitality Awards.

Off-line and online tactics work work most effectively in tandem. With an integrated off-line, Internet and social media campaign @hotelStSulpice, the hotel role modeled a ground-breaking approach to promotion that boosted occupancy by 72% in 2012.

As you fine-tune your marketing strategy for 2014, remember creativity and a multi-layered approach integrating on-line and off-line marketing tactics can generate powerful results. Le Saint Sulpice has demonstrated this beautifully.

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