Back to School: Learning Resources for Event Planners

WebinarIn a recent Back to School feature, the Cvent Event Blog identified competencies and skills for event planners. We have previously discussed the concept of the learning smorgasbord. Just as there are a variety of skills to be developed, there are a variety of options available for learning.

Fortunately, learning opportunities and resources are available to accommodate the needs of event planners and emerging event planners with a variety of learning styles. In addition to the programs offered by colleges and universities or through conferences and trade shows, there are also on-line learning opportunities, on-demand videos, webinars, and face-to-face courses and workshops. Here are a few examples.

Online Learning

The curriculum of The Wedding Planning Institute includes Preston Bailey Signature Wedding & Event Design.

On-Demand Videos

There are a number of on-demand courses that have been designed specifically for event planners. For example the Event Learning Institute offers a number of on-demand courses including: offers a range of technical and non-technical programs focusing on areas like 3D Animation, Photography, and Web Design.

Courses and Workshops (Face-to-Face)

The Wedding Planning Institute offers a Corporate Event Planing course. The Event Learning Institute offers Wedding & Event Design (with Erin McDonald).

NTL Institute offers a number of programs geared towards professional facilitators that event planners will also find beneficial.

For senior event planners, SPIN offers online labs, face-to-face roundtables, webinars, and masterminds.

International Programs

Overseas professional development programmes offer the twin benefit of skill acquisition and broadening one's horizons through exposure to other cultures.

The International School of Hospitality offers face-to-face courses in Las Vegas including:

These programmes are also available online.

The Emirates Academy of Hospitality in Dubai offers undergraduate programs, post graduate programs, and 1 - 5 day professional development workshops including Dynamic Food Photography and Cost Control for F&B Operations.

Based in Europe, the Meeting Design Institute that hosts the Fresh Conference also offers technical and event design courses geared towards event industry professionals.

Formulating Learning Plans

The meeting, events and hospitality industries have undergone dramatic changes in the past couple of decades. Its essential for event industry professionals to keep abreast of trends and hone their skills in order to remain competitive and serve clients more effectively.

After skills have been assessed, devote some meetings to learning activities that bridge skill gaps identified for the team as a whole. Then, develop individual learning plans for specific team members.

Recent Cvent Blog features have highlighted the fact that it isn't always necessary to focus specifically on courses, workshops and experiences targeted specifically at event industry professionals. For example, sparking creativity and fine-tuning analytical and technical skills have included some learning opportunities that aren't directly related to the industry.

With the start of the new school year, it's an ideal opportunity for event planners to devote some quality time to formulating a plan for their own learning an development. I hope that the resources suggested in our Back to School features have been helpful.

Photo Credit: Stephan Ridgway

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