LinkedIn for Students: LinkedIn Launches Profile Enhancements

With the economy still in recovery, it can be challenging for students and "fresh graduates" (as they are called in some countries) to break into event planning. Students need to mine their experiences and highlight achievements and skills acquired on-campus, through part-time jobs and volunteer work. With more and more companies posting jobs fir event planners exclusively on LinkedIn, a strong profile is essential. LinkedIn has introduced enhancements to make it easier for students to create profiles that set them apart.

To get started, click on the Profile tab and select Edit. In the blue bar under Profile Summary, select “Add Sections”. The sections that students can use to enrich their profiles include:

  • Honors & Awards: List academic, athletic and other honors and awards
  • Projects: Highlight projects that are relevant to career aspirations
  • Organizations: List campus and volunteer organizations and identify leadership positions. Showcase charity events and special events organized on and off-campus.
  • Courses: Highlight courses that are relevant to event planning.
  • Test Scores: List strong test results here.

Customize profiles by clicking and dragging on section headers to highlight strengths.

Sample Customized LinkedIn Student Profile (Anita Mohan)

Other important steps for students include:

  • Searching for professors with LinkedIn profiles
  • Inviting them to join your network Requesting testimonials.

Finally, join LinkedIn groups that are relevant to career aspirations. The Jobs tab in Groups often includes entry level event planning positions. Don't spam groups but use them to ask thought provoking questions and make intelligent contributions to discussions. You never know who is reading.

For more information, visit the LinkedIn Blog's feature about Student Profiles.
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