What's New: Low and High Tech Tools for Interactive Meetings

iPhone Silicon Speaker by Creator Meeting SupportDesigning interactive meetings that are engaging and appeal to all senses can be a challenge as many tools are geared to one way, linear presentations.   Cvent Blog has previously discussed how Prezi and with the right adjustments PowerPoint can create eye-popping and engaging presentations.

Here are some other tools that are emerging to make it easier to design and present interactive content. Not all of them are high tech, either.

Silicon iPhone Speaker by Creator Meeting Support

One challenge that presenters sometimes face is making telephone conversations or audio content audible particularly for impromptu presentations or small group meetings in a remote settings. This simple tool by Rotterdam based Creator Meeting Support solves that problem. The silicon which covers the speakers, intensifies and amplifies the 13 decibels of sound and projects it for a few meters. It's perfect for small group meetings and table tops at trade shows or conferences. Prices range 1.30 - 2.50 € with customized logos.

These silicon speakers are also available for iPods and tablets.

Nuppenau On Screen Communication

We first saw this this highly interactive presentation technology by Copenhagen-based Nuppenau at the Visit Denmark booth at IMEX13. It consists of a set of flat plasma screens combined to create a giant touch screen that operates in a manner that is similar to a tablet. Each screen (or set of screens) has photos, videos or presentation material that can be selected, re-sized and moved to improve visibility. The result is a highly flexible presentation. Content can instantly be accessed and presented in response to the needs of the audience. 

This technology can also be used for interactive walls, games, kiosks and exhibits. For example, it was recently used for the presentations at the VisitDenmark booth at IMEX Frankfurt 2013.

Test it out for yourself here at the Nuppenau website which simulates this technology. Click on a square and photos or videos will pop out and play as they do in live presentations.

AirScan by Coolux

The folks at Texas based LMG, Inc.recently told us about AirScan by Coolux. Combined with Widget Designer PRO, it brings a magic touch and interactive content to the screen. If you saw Minority Report starring Tom Cruise, John Anderson the Pre-Crime captain he played interacted with content and objects on a wall. The touch-free interface makes it possible for users to navigate menu driven multimedia.

When used with Pandora's Box Playback, full HD video can be projected on just about any surface and controlled from any distance within a gesture zone by just the movement of the speaker's hands. That's right, no pointer or mouse needed. This technology can be used for presentations or to display highly interactive content at trade shows and exhibitions.

For more hot and new technology to add punch and pizzazz to presentations, events and exhibits, also consult What's Hot: Transforming Event Venues Through Technology, What's New: Technology for Event Marketing Innovation and Digital Everywhere! Tradeshow Booth Trends .

Photo Credits: Creator Meeting Support

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