Luxury Car Team Events

Luxury Cars for Corporate Team Events

Many companies are still looking for team events at home as an alternative to incentive travel or foreign client appreciation incentives. Luxury car events are a guaranteed crowd pleaser that are well worth considering as an affordable option by corporate event planners.

Formulat 1 F1Formula 1 (F1) Events

Whether you are in Malaysia, Montreal, Japan, Abu Dhabi, or Germany, corporate team can participate in F1 events at a level that fits their budget:

  • General admission tickets
  • Reserved seating in the corral
  • Sponsorships and galas


The NASCAR season provides opportunities to delight corporate teams in the USA and Canada. Whether you select cost effective general admission tickets, VIP tickets or special events at which employees will have an opportunity to mingle with drivers, your team will have a blast.

Driving Academies

Some luxury car manufacturers offer high performance driving schools that make an ideal corporate events. For example, BMW offers summer and winter driving programs around the world. Corporate teams obstacle courses, skid control and braking challenges on a closed course. A gourmet lunch is provided. It's an enjoyable way to improve driving skills and reduce accidents.

Theme Parks, Factory Tours & Museums

Whether you're looking for an automobile theme park or a museum with vintage cars, there is literally a world of possibilities including:

  • Gilmore Car Museum (USA)
  • Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi
  • BMW Museum in Germany
  • Canadian Automotive Museum
  • Canadian Transportation Museum and Heritage Village

Arrange a visit and, if your budget permits, you can also throw in a dinner or cocktail reception.

Off-roading Adventures

There is nothing like hitting the thrill of an off-road adventure. So if you're in Dubai, go dune bashing. In Canada or the USA, go on a wilderness trek on rugged terrain. In Costa Rica or Jamaica, experience the thrill of a jeep trek in a rainforest or mountain setting. In Arizona, Palm Springs or near Las Vegas, pick a jeep safari in the desert.

Car Shows

Car shows are another scale-able option. If your budget is tight, opt for general admission and enjoy a half day of team fun. For higher budgets, treat your team to a gala or reception

Even when budgets are tight, car events open up a world of possibilities for corporate incentives.

Photo Credit: Stefan Tell

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