Cvent Blog Primer for Managing 8 Top Event Planning Challenges

Event Planning Challenges ManagedEvery Thursday, I've been addressing a number of the challenges that event planners face when designing and managing events. The most important strategy for dealing with event planning challenges is to be proactive. Think things through and identify potential glitches. Formulate back-up plans and have them ready to implement when the need arises.

Here are some of the more common challenges and where you can find strategies for dealing with them on the Cvent Event Blog.

  1. Measuring R.O.I.
    This is an important though often neglected aspect of event planning.
  2. Getting Senior Management Buy-in.
    Engaging senior management is really crucial to ensure the success of events 
  3. Thriving in an uncertain or turbulent economy.
    There is a need to fine-tune event management strategies in view of fluctuations in the economy in many parts of the world.
  4. Marketing events and event planning services.
    This is an area that definitely should not be cut during turbulent economic times.
  5. Managing tight event budgets.
    Definitely as event budgets become tighter, it is increasingly important for event planners to become adept at getting more bang for their buck. 
  6. Managing relationships with suppliers.
  7. Managing room blocks.
  8. Managing stress and unwinding after events.
    With event planning frequently making the top 10 in lists of most stressful careers, it is important to take steps to improve those numbers.

Photo Credit: Nguyen Hung Vu

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