6 Tips for Managing Upgrades and Extensions

Airport ArrivalFor many foreign incentive trips and corporate retreats, attendees have the option of extending their stay pre- or post- the time their company has booked at a resort. Some organizations also give participants the option of upgrading to bring spouses and/or children.

Here are 6 tips to keep in mind to ensure a smooth experience for guests who arrive before or leave after the group:

  1. Bundle transfers with the accommodation, or make arrangements with the DMC so that transfers are covered regardless of arrival and departure dates.
    If transfers aren't bundled, participants will have to pay surcharges to cover transfers that are separate from the group. If the price is higher than a taxi transfer, guests may have difficulty perceiving the value. You'll either end up with dissatisfied guests or guests making arrangements for taxis apart from the block.
  2. Remember to include set-up or private event fees when calculating the amount that guests pay to upgrade and bring spouses and/or children.
  3. Create customized itineraries so that each guest is clear about arrival and departure dates and times, transfers arrangements. and logistics.
    If you try to put information for all guests in one document, this will lead to confusion.
  4. If some guests will be arriving onsite before you do, arrange with the DMC to inspect rooms and have a specific point of content onsite to deal with any issues or concerns.
    If the guests who arrive early are dissatisfied, they will share this with the rest of the group and the group event will start on the wrong foot.
  5. Be sure to make special excursions and tours available before and after the group arrives.
    Often, guests will want to remain on-property when the rest of their group is in-house and venture off-property during the pre or post period.
  6. Arrange to cover lunch or provide lunch boxes on the departure day.
    If the group arrives in time for lunch, the meal plan will end with breakfast on the final day. For the convenience of all guests, its important to give guests piece of mind by covering all meals.

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Photo Credit: AFS USA

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