10 Tips for Meeting Food and Beverage Minimums

Food and BeverageDiscussions about meeting food and beverage minimums have been coming up recently in online forums for event planners. Many hotels and other event venues have food and beverage minimums. Failure to meet food and beverage minimums can result in penalties or function room rental charges.

If a group is large enough, there is usually little difficulty in meeting these targets. Small groups may find this more challenging.

By making arrangements to provide participants with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, event planners can increase the likelihood that they will meet food and beverage minimums. Review the master account daily. If it appears that the group will fall short of targets, here are 10 other strategies to meet food and beverage minimums and add value for clients.

  1. Provide a realistic estimate of the room block and the number of guests expected to attend each part of the meeting or event at which catering will be provided.
    If the estimate is too high to begin with, it may be difficult to meet food and beverage minimums if the group size is smaller than anticipated. Be realistic and build into your contract the percentage by which you can increase the size of the room block or the guest count at the contracted rate.
  2. Serve an arrival lunch or afternoon tea.
    This can be arranged in the same venue that is used for group check-in and the orientation.
  3. Provide a transfer snack.
    If participants are arriving in off-peak hours such as after lunch or late in the evening, working with the hotel to provide a snack and beverages while group members are transferred from the airport to the hotel can add value and improve guest satisfaction.
  4. Serve a substantial snack in the room on arrival at the hotel.
    Afternoon tea, sushi, or sandwich platters are popular choices.
  5. Add appetizers to the opening reception.
  6. Serve an evening snack in a function room or the hospitality suite.
  7. Create a signature cocktail or mocktail for the gala or special event.
  8. Book a cooking event for one evening.
  9. Make picnic hampers available for offsite excursions.
  10. Send guests off with a grab and go lunch on the last day.

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Photo Credit: Hotel du Vin & Bistro

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