Team Building: Retreat to the Mountains

The mountains are an ideal setting for exploring a number of  business-related themes:
  • The peaks and valleys of economic performance.
  • New horizons.
  • Changing perspectives.
  • Risk-taking.
  • Recovery.
  • Charting a course to the top position in your market.

To pull it together:

  1. Pinpoint your objectives.
  2. Select a theme.
  3. Include the key ingredients for effective team building (i.e. briefing, simulation, debriefing, business application exercises)
  4. Add a majestic setting (e.g. mountain inns, secluded lodges, 5 star hotels). Event planning is easy in the right location.

  5. Throw in exhilarating activities to create one of your most memorable team events. Rock climbing, zip-lining and skiing aren't the only mountain adventures that await you.


 Mountain Team Building
Mountain Team Building


Red Mountain Resort, Utah





Horse Riding



Mountain Biking




As featured on The Amazing Race, abseiling is the opposite of rock climbing. You descend the rock face. I have had the pleasure of taking corporate clients on this adventure in Oman.



Ice Climbing



Coffee Plantation Tours

If rugged expeditions aren't your cup of tea, tour a coffee plantation. Enjoy the spectacular view and discover where that perfect cup of coffee comes from.


Even your team's armchair athletes can enjoy orienteering, GPS treasure hunts, caving, raft-building, rafting, outdoor cooking challenges, helicopter tours, and off-road jeep or ATV adventures.


Helicopter Tours

You're whisked to a heli-pad in a limousine. Enjoy panoramic views, champagne, and a picnic lunch.






Presto! You've created the perfect mountain retreat.

For more information about mountain team events, read:

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