Corporate Events: 3 Fresh Ideas for Team Events

Traditional Dhow lunchEarlier this week, one theme that kept recurring in discussions with Incentiveworks attendees is that corporate teams are getting bored with standard fare. Now more than ever, companies are looking for fresh ideas for corporate events.

One way to discover new possibilities for corporate events is to adapt what is available at other destinations for your local environment. Here are 3 ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Pearl Diving in Dubai

Dubai has had a long pearl-diving tradition. Now pearl diving is available for corporate events and facilitated team building in Dubai. For pearl-diving team building, a presentation about uncovering business opportunities in hidden places and transforming your industry in the face of competition takes place the day before the dive. (Before the Japanese cultured industry emerged, pearl exports were a major contributor to the economies in this area. There are valuable applications for all businesses in competitive environments from this real world case study.)

After a brief breakfast orientation, teams head out to the Jumeirah Palm Islands in a traditional Arabian dhow. Teams snorkel and dive in search of oysters. After lunch aboard the How, teams pop open their catches. The team that finds the most pearls wins. Participants keep whatever they find. The day ends with facilitated debriefing for team building and tasty Middle Eastern snacks for all groups.

Adaptation: Teams dive for hidden treasure boxes in any pool or body of water.

Aussie Rules Football

Aussie Rules FootballFootball with Australian rules is a new twist on a familiar theme. With Australian expats moving around the world, this activity that is increasingly accessible.

For team building, business exercises and debriefing focus on:

  • risk taking
  • the realities of doing business in an increasingly challenging environment in which achieving business results is a "new ball game"
  • cultivating the "Havin' a Go" mindset

Adaptation: Aussie rules football is likely to be enthusiastically received by 20-something male employees; however, everyone can participate in shorter "footy" (Australian football) team challenges and drills.

Ice Carving Competitions

Ice carving is popular for corporate events in Europe, Scandinavian and Nordic countries. It is now available in Canada, parts of the U.S., and, believe it or not, Dubai.

After a brief orientation, teams transform blocks of ice into artistic creations. Ice sculpturing is highly scalable. Large or small ice blocks can be used to fit various budgets and timeframes. For healthy budgets, 2 or more ice blocks can be fused and the company logo can be pre-carved in one of them. During the winter, sculptures can be created outside a corporate location and left as decorative elements. For corporate team building, ice carving competitions can be woven into business simulations based on running and marketing an ice factory.

Adaptation: In warmer climates, groups can use snow houses or ice cafes for ice sculpting. In the summer, ice skating rinks can be rented at affordable off-season rates. When, Ice sculpting is offered in hotel meeting venues, ice blocks are placed on trays. There is protective covering for tables. Take a peek at a session in New Zealand:

Photo Credit: Corporate Events, Executive Oasis International

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