Corporate Events: New Twists on Traditional Gifts

Chocolate SmartphoneNow that the Thanksgiving season is over on both sides of the border, attention has shifted to holiday shopping. Coming up with just the right gift can be a challenge.

Think that chocolates, USB drives and slippers are a ho-hum choice for corporate gifts and get-aways? Think again. Whether you're searching for great gifts for clients, give-aways for important seasonal events, or a special treat for yourself after a year of hard work, these old stand-bys, can still work. Here are some new twists on old favorites.


Chocolate Pac Man

Just about everyone loves chocolate, so chocolates are a reliable standby when you're not sure what else to give.

UK-based Unique Chocolate Gifts fashions hand-crafted chocolate creations from the finest Belgian chocolate. They have chocolate versions of everything from modern gadgets like smartphones to classics like Pac Man, cassette tapes and retro cameras.


Microwavable foot and hand warmersSlippers have long been a reliable standby for gifts but they don't have to be boring. Bed Buddy has a microwaveable foot and hand warmer set. Just slip it into your luggage and say goodbye to frozen feet when you travel to norther climates. 

Conair has a soothing selection of spa slippers and booties including the Shiatsu Massaging Booties with Memory Foam have removable lavender insoles with Shiatsu points. The Comfort Spa Set can be placed in the microwave to give tired feet and eyes the refreshment they need at the end of a long day. Now, this is a busy event planner's dream come true.

Ferrari Formula 1 iPhone CasesModel Cars

Lamborghini and Ferrari both have desktop model cars for the executive market as well as headsets, gloves, hoodies, billfolds and knapsacks.

Formula One also has a line of gifts and accessories including iPhone and iPad cases, watches, wallets, earplugs and sunglasses

Quickly Becoming Standard Fare

While the following items are not traditional, they have quickly become some of the most frequently given gifts and give-aways. There is a way to put a new twist on them.

USB Drives

Sawrovski Crystal USBTechnology is changing at such a rapid rate that it's tough to deliver technology related gifts that are new and innovative. For example, USB drives quickly went from being new and innovative to standard fare in giveaways.

Swarovski has kicked things up a notch by creating a variety USB drives with their world famous crystals. Some are even fashioned like cufflinks, tie clips, necklace, lockets and pens.

iPad Covers and iPhone Cases

Michael Kors iPad Cover

Have you seen the designer iPad and iPhone cover collection by Michael Kors?

They come in a variety of colors from subdued beiges and browns to eye-popping pinks. Whether you prefer a leather or a metallic cover, there is bound to be a design for you.

This year, when you shopping for gifts and give-aways, take a look at some traditional favorites. Sometimes old favorites with a new twist are the perfect choice.

For more gift ideas, also consult Gifts and Gadgets for Event Planners, Last Minute Christmas Gifts and Gadgets for Event Planners and "Hottest Gadgets" section of Incentiveworks 2012 Highlights.

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