25 Super Cool Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Coconut WaterNow that the warmer months have arrived, event planners face the challenge of serving refreshing beverages to help guess keep their cool. There are a number of situations in which event planners need to remove alcoholic beverages from the menu or expand the non-alcoholic offerings including:

  • events for companies that have a "no alcoholic beverages" policy
  • events that take place before an activity that requires physical exertion
  • family-friendly events to which children are invited
  • some church events
  • events at venues that prohibit alcohol
  • events at destinations that do not permit alcohol
  • events at which some attendees have identified a need for drinks cuisine

When event planners need to trim event budgets, opting for a non-alcoholic bar can result in considerable savings.

Serving non-alcoholic drinks does not mean that the beverage selections have to be boring. Non-alcoholic beverages can be colorful, beautifully presented, and satisfying.

Here are 25 non-alcoholic thirst quenchers from around the world.

  1. Ting Grapefruit DringTing, an award winning grapefruit soft drink from Jamaica.
  2. Limonata, grapefruit or blood orange drink by Sanpelligrino (from Italy).
  3. Ginger beer, a favorite in the UK and the Caribbean.
  4. Sorrel. Hibiscus drink served in Jamaica and other parts of the Caribbean at Christmas.
  5. Coconut water served in coconuts.
  6. Non-alcoholic Sangria.
  7. Shirley Temple BeverageShirley Temple (lemon-lime soda or 7-up, ginger ale, grenadine).
  8. Ice tea.
  9. Ice coffee (popular in Japan).
  10. Apple Cider.
  11. Virgin Singapore Sling. This delightful drink made famous by Raffles Hotel in Singapore can also be served as a mocktail. 
  12. Virgin Mint Julep. (Use ginger ale instead of bourbon).
  13. Virgin mojito.

  1. Frozen Hot Chocolate, Serrindipity 3Serendipity 3's world-famous frozen hot chocolate. (Now available in a mix.)
  2. Ice cream sodas and floats.
  3. Milkshakes.
  4. Sparkling pink lemonade punch, a mixture of pink lemonade and ginger ale over ice.
  5. Cranberry cooler, cranberry juice, pink lemonade and ginger ale over ice.
  6. Welch's grape juice and ginger ale.
  7. Tahiti Treat (from Canada).
  8. BentleyLime squash. This delightful Caribbean mixture of sugar syrup, fresh line, and soda water served over ice  is also available in South East Asia where it is called fresh lime soda in India. (Add a sugar cane stick & a splash of grenadine to make it a Bentley.)
  9. Stewart's Key Lime Soda.
  10. Carbonated Lemon lime by Pokka (Japan and Singapore).
  11. Root Beer.
  12. Vegan eggnog. (Great for Christmas in July and festive season events.)

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Photo Credit: Joe Mazzola, 3.26, Arnold Gatilao, Corporate Events, Executive Oasis International, Richard Esguerra

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