Nuit Blanche (White Night) Shines a Spotlight on the Arts

Nuit Blanche Nuit Blanche means "white night" in English. I like to think of it as what happens when all the lights are left on for one night. That's exactly what happens in Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Toronto, Montreal, New York, Tokyo and other cities every year. On one night of the year, Arts and cultural organizations from concerts halls and dance troupes to museums and art galleries remain open all night. Most events are free. Hundreds of artists work on projects around the city in special event venues, hotels, churches, streetcars, parks, storefronts and alleys.


Scotiabank Nuit Blanche @sbnuitblancheTO

It's not too late to come to Toronto for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Toronto, the 6th annual sunset-to-sunrise celebration of the arts. One of the most interactive arts events in Toronto, it's scheduled for October 1, 2011. This year there will be over 130 Nuit Blanche destinations in Toronto. Activities will take place at City Hall and in 3 zones:

  • Zone A: Downtown (38 Projects) - Start a the Scotiabank Information Centre at Yonge & Wellesley.
  • Zone B: Downtown Central/East (34 Projects) - Begin at Dundas Square and explore 19 independent arts projects
  • Zone C: Downtown South/West ( 62 Projects) - Start at Scotiabank Information Centre at Yonge & King Street.

Nuit Talks, a series of free talks, will provide a behind the scenes looks at artists and their art.

Here is a preview of some of the projects:

Hydro-Quebec Nuit blanche a Montreal

The 2011 Montreal event had 170 activities. Here are some highlights from the celebration that took place at various locations around the city including Place des Art, Vieux-Port (the Old Port), parks, squares and a number of underground and outdoor locations. Here are some highlights.

Plans are under way for the 9th annual Nuit blanche a Montreal, one of the most innovative Montreal Events, on February 25, 2012.

Nuit Blanche Near You?

Nuit Blanche started in France and it has spread to about 120 cities around the world. (In some cities it's called White Night Festival.) On October 1, 2011, Nuit Blanche will take place in:

It's free, it's fun , . .  it's Nuit Blanche.

Photo Credit: Alexandre Marchand

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