Dazzling Decor for Outdoor Events

Gala flowersAt some destinations, summer passes way too quickly. While the weather is warm and the evenings are bright, why not take advantage of the great outdoors for corporate events, galas, charity events, weddings, special events, and private events.

Here are some tips for creating giving outdoor events and upscale feel without blowing your budget.

  1. Select a theme to pull the event together.
  2. Start with a stunning venue and setting.
    Gardens, patios, courtyards with fountains, country clubs, lakeside venues,  castles, palaces,
    or heritage venues, boutique hotels and university campuses with extensive grounds would all be excellent choices. Network with wedding planners for information about stunning private estates available for events. 
  3. Choose a simple color palette. White or black with one or two accent colors conveys a luxury feel. Silver or gold are great accents for some gala themes.
  4. To encourage mingling, dispense with conventional tables and chairs, rent elegant outdoor lounge furniture and serve refreshments from manned food stations. Outdoor lounge furniture rental is  surprisingly affordable from decor companies that specialize in reproductions.
  5. Select easy to move chairs, tables and other furniture. 
  6. White linen with an overlay in one of your accent colors is a simple but anesthetically pleasing look for a galas.
  7. Always use some flowers or plants in colors that harmonize with your color palette.
  8. Make sure your centerpieces pop. Keep them simple and in harmony with your color palette. Experiment with natural elements.
  9. Matching chairs, chair covers or ribbons for the backs of chairs can pull the look together attractively and affordably.

  1. Tent, Polo for HeartDevelop a rain plan and an easy process to transition to it.
    It is always best to book tenting or other rain protection that is in keeping with your theme well in advance.

    If you don't, be sure to check the  forecast a week prior to the event. If the weather looks iffy, determine which  event tent and pop-up venue suppliers can accommodate last minute requests (2 - 7 days prior to your event). Ask for right of first refusal.

    (While , when I was speaking with Superior Events Group at Ignite Business Expo,  they indicated that they do try to have some inventory on hand for last minute bookings. Perhaps a supplier in your areas does that also).
  2. Create a memorable entrance with an archway, runner or plants.
  3. Gala by CandlelightLet candles cast a glow and work their magic.
  4. For evening events, carve out enough room in the budget for china and crystals. For lunch events, nice, eco-friendly disposables are appropriate. 
  5. Remember to come up with an environmentally friendly plan to control flies and mosquitos.
    While this may not seem to  fit with decor, guests won't enjoy the ambiance if they are uncomfortable. For example, burn citronella torches or strategically place catnip, 

      Here is how it all comes together.


For more tips for galas, also consult  10 Tips for Designing Gala Events That Sparkle Event Design: 12 Key Ingredients for Bringing Event Themes to Life Inspiration for Event Planners: Enhancing Events with Flowers , and Inspiration for Event Planners: Plant Paradise .

Photo Credits: PrincessAshley, Executive Oasis InternationalRay_From_LA

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