Pan Am Games Show 7 Ways to Wow a Crowd

Pan Am Games 2015 FireworksLast night, the closing ceremonies for the 2015 Pan Am Games took place in Toronto. International blockbuster events of this scale are always an opportunity to pick up ideas for conferences, corporate events, meetings, and other special events. Here are a few things that stood out from the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as the coverage throughout the games.

  1. Make it diverse. The opening and closing ceremonies were a multi-cultural tapestry. Dancing and music reflected First Nations, French Canadian, Caribbean, African American, Latin American cultures; and Asian, Scottish, and Irish heritage. The PANAMANIA event served up multi-cultural content from all over the Americas every night. 
  2. Cirque style performances are guaranteed crowd pleasers. Montreal based Cirque de Soleil has raised the bar with ground-breaking performances, stunning special effects, and spectacular staging.
  3. Appeal to all age groups. With multi-generational workforces and conferences, it's increasingly important to appeal to Millennials, GenY, and Boomers through a variety of entertainment and content delivery options.
  4. Find a way to involve children and youth. The enthusiasm they bring will prevent any event from being staid.
  5. Include local celebrities. The Pan Am Games scored high points for involving Canadian athletes as news anchors, in the opening and closing ceremonies and the promotional build up to the games. Failing to tap into local speakers, entertainers, and celebrities is a missed opportunity when planning events at foreign destinations. 
  6. Surprise them. The event organizers hit it out of the park with this sequence on opening night. 

    This is the team that brought home the gold for Canada for the 4 X 100 relay during the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.

    Catch it as 01:50

  1. Remember to wow your guests. The CN Tower exploding into fireworks was absolutely breathtaking.

For more ideas to deliver blockbuster events also consult PANAMANIA Hits Toronto - What can Event Planners Learn #TO2015  and  Olympics Openings: Event Planning Lessons for Blockbuster Events

Photo Credit: Harvey K.

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