Boost Your Team's Creativity with Art Events in Paris

Paris Art StudentsIn a world in which companies face the challenge of generating creative solutions to stay "ahead of the curve" and remain competitive, art is one vehicle that can foster innovation and help unleash a team's creativity.

Paris and art have been synonymous for a long time. Paris is the perfect setting for corporate teams to explore their untapped artistic side. Paris has many museums, galleries and cafes where the art of the masters is displayed. There are also many art workshops, some are for absolute beginners.

Art Workshop in Paris

Art Events & Team Building for Non-Artistic Corporate Teams

What if you have a team that  just isn't artistic? What if your team consists of IT professionals or engineers who you fear may dismiss artistic events as "flaky?" Don't be afraid to experiment.

Where can you hold artistic corporate events or team building sessions in Paris?

Paris Event Venues: Museums and Art Galleries

Some Paris museums have event venues that are perfect for corporate events, team building,  and business meetings.

Paris Event Venues: Art Studios and Workshops (Ateliers)

Paris has many art workshops and studios that can be used for recreational events during incentive travel or artistic activities that can be woven into team building simulations.

Paris Event Venues & Restaurants with an Artistic Flair

These venues are perfect for special events or group dining in Paris.

I definitely fall into the category of being "artistically challenged" but I made some interesting discoveries by putting myself on the art track in Paris. Your team will, too.

If you've ever used art for a corporate event, please tell us about it in comments. And for more information about planning events in Paris, consult the Cvent Paris, France Meeting Planning Guide and search for Paris Event Venues and Paris Hotels on Cvent.

Photo Credits: asweetberry, jrronsenberg

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