Inspiration for Event Planners: Plant Paradise

Plant in Unique ContainerAfter a big move this week, I am now writing these blog features from a solarium with a great view of the outdoors. Although Spring is officially here, from the snow outside the window at my new digs, you would never know it. If you're in the same boat and you want to add a touch of spring to your events before the warm weather returns, I hope you picked up a few ideas from last week's feature, Inspiration for Event Planners: Enhancing Events with Flowers. Today we'll shift our focus to plants and flowering plants.

Plants can go a long way towards creating a delightful decor. They are re-usable, sustainable. Small plants can double as the perfect take-away or table prize for some of your guests.

Plant Presentation

  • Use containers with unique shapes to capture and hold attention.
  • Use clear containers to let the natural beauty of flowering plants shine through.
  • Flowering plants are a sustainable option that can bring color to any event.

African violet centrepiece

  • Depending on your theme, plants with colorful fruit or berries may be the perfect choice (e.g. miniature orange or lemon plants, miniature roses).
  • Tropical, Middle Eastern and beach are just a few examples of themes that can be brought to life by potted palms. Believe it or not this is a hotel ballroom.

Ballroom with palm trees

Reflect your Color Palette with Flowering Plants

Thanks to Proven winners, it is easy to select plants that match the Pantone's palette of picks for Spring and Summer, 2013. Just consult their Pantone 2013 color guide for plants. Proven Winners has done your homework for you.

Plants...a Sustainable, Seasonal and Scalable Option

The best news is that plants can be used for events in any season at just about any budget level. If budgets are limited, use a simply basket to group a few small potted plants together. After the event guests can take them home or they can be donated to a hospital or nursing home.

Potted Plants Grouped

When budgets are tight, opt for banquet halls with foliage, greenhouse event venues or winter garden party venues. With a bit of detective work, you can likely find one in your area that falls within your budget.

With a rich budget, plants can fully transform an event venue into a plant paradise, tropical oasis or even a forest.

Events don't get more luxurious than a royal wedding. HRH Prince William and HRH Princess Catherine, Duke & Duchess of Cambridge completely transformed Westminster Abbey for their wedding through a combination of flowers and environmentally friendly potted plants and trees.

Photo Credits: ewen and donabel, lovemaegan, j_silla, Ranken Jordan


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