Event Venues for Pop-up Events

Pop-up events are becoming popular for marketing and sales events. It's only a matter of time before they also "pop-up" for corporate events and conferences.

There are a number pop-up event venue options:

Temporary Pop-up Event Venues. Temporary venues can be set up at  resorts, in hotel parking lots, on the beach and in fields. They can even transform remote locations like the desert or mountains.

  1. Saddle Span Tensile Membrane Structures

    These portable structures create a high impact for luxury pop-up events. The membranes make it possible to project videos and images and they take on the color of lighting.
  2. Temporary Bleachers

    BleacherPortable bleachers can transform a field or indoor location into a sporting events venue. The Bleacher Guys at WHReynolds in Ontario indicated that it takes about 15 minutes to set-up a bleacher. Bleachers can be set up overnight in parking lots, corporate green spaces, parks and city streets to surprise communities or corporate groups with parades, flash mobs and other spectator events.
  3. Skyboxes/Skybox Suites

    Skyboxes are similar to bleaches but they have comfortable, covered seating and platforms for bars and cabaret tables to serve refreshments. Skyboxes are frequently used for VIP seating at polo and tennis events but they are suitable for any pop-up events that require comfortable seating.
  4. Pop-up Golf and Country Clubs

    Companies like Portable Golf Solutions can transform any area, indoor or outdoor, into a pop-up golf and country club. The flexible components can be easily configured for large and small spaces.
  5. Matrix Marquees and Zendomes by Wicked Tents

    This is the latest technology in Dubai. The unique architectural shapes of matrix marquees and Zendomes make them suitable for galas and other elegant pop-up events.

    Matrix MarqueeMatrix Marquee Interior

  6. Portable Alpine Huts by Kafer-Alm

    These flexible, mobile and highly customizable modular units are shaped like traditional alpine huts. The Zugspitze accommodates up to 290 people, the Matterhorn has a capacity of 620 and the Drei Zinnen seats 800.
    Alpine HutAlpine Hut

  7. Icebars by Iceculture (Canada).

    IcebarBespoke icebars of various sizes can add a  unique touch for corporate and special events.

    Icebars can, of course be used for outdoor winter events. In a ballroom, if the structure is thick enough, they can last for the whole day. Ice bars can be used as stand alone pieces or a number of them can be used together to create a full bar or cafe with tables, chairs and even glasses made out of ice.
  8. Portable Acrylic Icebars by ACRYL EIS DESIGN

    They look as realistic as their ice counterparts but these structures don't melt. They can be customized with acrylic, realistic ice chairs, tables and other furniture.

    Ice Bar

  9. Arabian tents

    Luxury Arabian style tents can be set up in a few hours. This photo, which is from one of my company's luxury desert events in Dubai shows Bedouin style tents with divan seating and low tables. Crystal, china and cutlery were used to create a luxury event in what was desert a few hours earlier. The photo beside it was taken a few weeks earlier at the same location during location scouting. Arabian tents are now available in the UK and other parts of the world.

    Luxury desert tentsDubai Desert
  10. Luxury tents

    Luxury tents can be set up for dinners, galas and even overnight events. They are portable, easy to customize and quick to set up and take down.

This video demonstrates how some of these elements can come together to create elegant events to please even the most discerning guests.

Permanent Event Venues for Pop-up Events. Any event venue with a lot of floor space is suitable for pop-up events. Conference centers, banquet facilities and ballrooms in hotels and resorts come to mind. Also think corporate green space, parks, greenhouses, glass houses, garden venues, stadiums, sports domes, ice hockey rings during off-season, art galleries and museums. In the aftermath of the economic downturn, there is still a lot of vacant retail space in many urban areas. Some of this space can be rented on a short term basis to create a pop-up event venue and, at the same time, help stimulate the local economy.

Photo Credits: Executive Oasis International (Items, 7, 8, 9)

For more information about transforming venues for pop-up events, read about the Pavilion Event Dome in Malaysia and winter garden party venues.

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