Prezi v. PowerPoint: It's How You Use It that Counts

Prezi PresentationRecently, there have been a number of blogs and articles about the benefits of Prezi v. PowerPoint. To find out more about perceptions in our industry, Cvent conducted Prezi and PowerPoint surveys, the results of which were published earlier today.

But I have previously expressed the view that abuses of technology and poor presentations skills will doom any presentation to a lukewarm reception no matter which platform is selected. So, whether you use Prezi or PowerPoint, here are some tips for better presentations:

Prezi: Getting Up to Speed 

Prezi is perceived as having a steep learning curve but there are a number of tools available to shorten it. There are tutorials on the official Prezi YouTube Channel. There is also Prezi U, an online educational portal where users can access articles, videos and interactive forums, as well as a Prezi U YouTube Channel

Last month, Prezi introduced a new feature to ease the transition for PowerPoint users:

PowerPoint: Putting Back the Pizzazz 

PowerPoint has have a number of advanced features that can create eye-popping presentations. It is clear that most users are only scratching the surface when it comes to PowerPoint and its features. Take a look at this and think again:

PowerPoint also has advanced features that will make any presentation pop. To introduce you to advanced features, Microsoft has downloadable Powerpoint Templates, as well as videos on the Microsoft Office Youtube Channel.

General Presentation Tips

One basic principle that is important for effective presentations is: know your audience. Select the right technology to appeal to your audience's demographic profile. While Boomers show a definite preference for PowerPoint, when presenting to audiences composed of members of Generation Y, for a more favorable response, it would probably be a good idea to add Prezi to your bag of tricks...even though this might take you out of your comfort zone.

Whether you select PowerPoint or Prezi, brush up on your presentation skills for best results. PowerPoint and Prezi both have their place. Whatever tool you select, take the time to master and use it to create dazzling, rather than dull, presentations.

Photo Credit: ibeeckmans

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