A Quick Quora Primer for Event Planners


Launched in 2009 by Adam D'Angelo and Charlie Cheever, 2 former Facebook employees, Quora is still one of the best-kept secrets of the social media world. Event planners in search of answers can find them by heading over to Quora.

Quora is a question-and-answer platform similar to the Question and Answer application that used to be on LinkedIn. It has questions grouped by topic.

How Event Planners can Use Quora

Topics of relevance to event planners include Events, Eventprofs, Corporate Events, Conferences and Conventions and, of course, event planning and Cvent.

Event planners can use Quora to ask questions to crowdsource content for meetings and conferences, request feedback, ask for ideas for themes, and find statistics or data about the events industry.


Quora is a handy platform but there are a number of guidelines to keep in mind and pitfalls to avoid.

  • User Names: Quora only accepts personal names. To open account, members need to list their first and last names.
    Pitfall: Using a company name, pseudonym or fake name as discussion board members use will result in accounts being blocked until modifications are made. It's impossible to post questions when an account is blocked as functionality is frozen.
  • Questions: While it may seem obvious questions posted on Quora need to be formatted like questions.
    Pitfall: Many users make the mistake of attempting to add clarifying phrases in questions. These phrases will be deleted or edited by moderators.


  • Add Details: If it is important to clarify a question for clarity, once a question is posted, a field to add details will become visible directly under the question.
  • Answers: This space is used specifically for direct responses to questions.
  • Comments: If a question or comment is unclear, users can post requests for clarification or add feedback in the comments field under every question and answer.
  • Upvoting: Up vote strong answers that add by clicking on the link below each answer or the up arrow to the left of the answer. This will move those answers closer to the top of the list of answers.
  • Thank: A link under each answer that can be used to express appreciation to the person who posted the answer.

Posting Questions:

There are 5 steps to posting questions:

  1. Click the Add Question button in the upper right corner.
  2. Compose the question then hit next.
  3. A list of similar question will pop up. If the question has not been covered, click "My Question is New."
  4. The "Find More Topics" link will become visible. Select the Topics.
  5. Click to add the question.

To increase visibility and get answers more quickly, you can click to share it on Twitter or Facebook.

Here are more Quora tips:

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