10 Tips for Re-shaping Your Workspace

Colorful Office SpaceYesterday, I shared 10 specific strategies for event planners when business slows down. The focus was on relaxing, re-charging your batteries and re-charting your course to map out the route to future success.

An 11th priority during "down time" is to unclutter and re-organize your workspace now that you have the time to do it . This tends to fall by the wayside when workloads are heavy. In the words of the vintage Canadian jingle, "Why wait for spring do it now?" An organized and clutter-free workspace will help you work with greater clarity and in more comfort when things get busy again.

If you the task seems overwhelming, don't hesitate to take advantage of the services of a professional organizer and cleaning service. Take the time to

  1. Unclutter and re-organize your desk.
    This includes your desktop, drawers and shelves. Only keep handy what you need on a daily basis .
  2. File folder Storage BinPurge and re-organize paper files.
    Consider shredding anything you haven't used in 5 - 6 years. A color-coded system can be of tremendous benefit and make it easier for you to find things.

    You may be able to scale down to smaller, space saving cabinets or create labeled and organized archives that you can move out of your workspace and into storage.

    This is also a good time to go through your bookcase and save space by giving away books you no longer need.
  3. Purge and re-organize old emails and virtual files.
    This includes re-organizing your email and desktop folders and creating back-ups for files on USB drives or through a service like Carbonite.
  4. Automate e-mail lists.
    I mentioned this yesterday. It is worth repeating!
  5. Portable toolkitCreate an event planning toolkit.
    With a portable toolkit containing supplies you use frequently on-site, you can just grab and go for your next event. Here is what 15 of your fellow event planners keep in their  on-site event planning toolkits.
  6. Organize participant supplies.
    With space at a premium, set-up time is usually tight for events at your own office, the client's office or event venues. I organize everything participants need into light cloth pencil cases and bags for energizers (1 set per table) so that set up is a breeze. I keep a second portable kit just for participant supplies.
  7. Ensure that you have a comfortable and ergonomically sound chair.
    If you don't, develop a plan to save for of one as you spend so much time at your desk that this is important.
  8. Desk StorageExpand your office with portable space saving units.
  9. Add a splash of color to your workspace.
    The choice of colors that pop for this blog post was deliberate. Color really does make a difference in terms of your energy level. Bringing color into your space is as easy as selecting colorful index cards, paper clips, paper, and post-it notes.
  10. Bring art and nature into your workspace.
    Again: music you love, a painting that inspires you or a poster of your favorite vacation spot can make a huge difference in your energy level.

With the tips from yesterday's and today's blog posts, you'll emerge relaxed,  organized for future events and with fresh ideas and from this time in your "oasis."

Credits: The supplies and storage units in this blog post are from Storex, Sterlite, Advantus, Staples and Target.

Office Photo Credit: parvindersingh

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