Savvy Roommate and Rooming List Strategies

Double RoomWhen it is necessary to stretch a budget for a business meeting, internal conference, sales rally, or team building retreat, opting for villas, suites or double occupancy rooms with 2 beds can result in significant savings. On some properties, while there is a shared living room and kitchenette, each bedroom has its own bathroom ensuring maximum privacy for guests while minimizing your budget. 

When you put together rooming lists, there are number of considerations to keep in mind. 

  1. Smoking preferences. While almost all jurisdictions in North America ban smoking in resort and hotel rooms, some foreign destinations still offer a choice  of smoking or non-smoking rooms and floors. If smoking is permitted on the balcony or in a villa courtyard, it is still important to factor smoking preferences into roommate selections.
  2. Early to bed vs night owls. Let's face it, we all have our own rhythms. Some people prefer to stay up late and sleep in a bit while others believe in "early to bed, early to rise".  By keeping sleeping preferences in mind, you can ensure that the members of your party are not ignored. 
  3. Snoring anyone? I was reminded of this at at team building retreat my company organized and facilitated a number of years ago. A member of the party did not get a moment's rest as her roommate snored all night. Fortunately, there had been a last minute cancelation and we could move her to another room. Always include a question about snoring on your guest surveys and put snorers together. It is always a good idea to book an extra room just incase someone has a problem.
  4. Party time vs quiet time. There will always be a mix at group events. Some guests will want to party into the night while others prefer to relax in a quiet setting when the events of the day are over. To try to mix the two types of guests will mean that nobody is happy.
  5. Physical Challenges. Definitely factor physical challenges into decision-making when determining which accommodation to assign to guests. Some guests will require lower flowers or rooms that are close to elevators and it would  make sense to match up guests who require special accommodation. Be flexible and prepared to make changes. For example, when planning a trip recently, one of the executives broke his ankle and there was a need to juggle room assignments. 
  6. Family matters. At resorts where there are different room clusters, it is a good idea to place families near the areas where programs for children and teens are available and singles close to the more "happening" areas of the resort.
  7. Interests. I just returned from an incentive trip my company organized in which the group could easily be segmented based on interests. Some were interested in golf while others were interested in horse riding, sailing, or timre a the beach. Grouping guests together based on interests, leads to a fuller experience for everyone.

With Cvent Housing and Travel Management tools, event planners can track roommate requests and manage the roommate matching process quickly and easily.

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Photo Credit: Corporate Event Planning, Executive Oasis International

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