8 Alternatives to Traditional Salads

Vegetable KebabsA couple of days ago I was planning a wilderness team building retreat with a colleague. The client wanted to do the whole retreat at a campsite and prepare their own meals.

Planning the snacks, main courses and desserts for lunch and dinner was easy. Coming up with vegetable side dishes, was a little bit more challenging. Serving salad for 5 meals in 3 days would indeed have become monotonous.

We did some brainstorming and came up with other options that could be prepared from raw vegetables or cooked on a grill. 

Here are 8 salad alternatives that you can also use for your next corporate event.They will work equally well for groups gathering around a campfire or as hors d'oeuvres and sides for galas.

  1. Grilled VegetablesMaki Sushi (Vegetarian)
  2. Vegetable Kebabs
  3. Bean Salad
    Mix a variety of beans (e.g. cooked kidney beans, chic peas, lima beans) together with salt, pepper, and onions for a delicious twist on a traditional salad. 
  4. Grilled Vegetables




  1. couscousCouscous Salad
    This dish made from semolina mixed with vegetables can be quickly steamed. Thsi can also be done with quinoa.
  2. Stuffed Green Peppers
    Scooped out peppers are stuffed with rice, ground beef, tomatoes, and onions or green onions.
  3. Cucumber and Tomato Salad
    A mixture of cucumber, tomatoes, onions or green onions, seasoned with salt and pepper.
  4. Kale Salad



For more creative ideas for incorporating vegetables into menus, also consult Cvent blog posts about Catering to Special Dietary Needs, Part 2.

Photo Credits: tvol, plutorThe Boreka Diary

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