IMEX America 2013: Smart Monday Highlights #IMEX13

Smart Monday IMEX America 2013Smart Monday powered by MPI was back, co-located with IMEX America. Communications guru Stacey Hanke kicked things off with a lively keynote about persuasion through verbal and non-verbal influence skills.

After a networking break, attendees selected from one of 7 morning concurrent sessions including:

  • Buying the World: Finding and Qualifying Service Providers in Unchartered Waters by Jim Adams, President, Performance Strategies, Inc. and Kevin Hinton, Chief Staff Officer, SITE & SITE International Foundation
  • Persuasive Communication and Negotiation Across Cultures by Nancy Peritz
  • A Roadmap for Designing Hybrid Meetings and Events by Sam Smith, Managing Director, Interactive Meeting Technology, LLC
  • Developing a Successful Social Strategy for Meetings and Events by Gerrit Heijkoop of Amsterdam-based How Can I Be Social (HCIBS)

Smart Monday Samual J. SmithSmart Monday Gerrit Heijkoop


In What you Need to Know About the Hotel Business Model Today to Help Your Negotiations, Mike Dominguez, Senior Vice President, Corporate Hotel Sales of MGM Resorts International, urged event planners and hotels to dialog about their businesses and how they generate revenue. Core take-aways included:

  • Don't try to leverage what can't be leveraged. With food and beverage costs sky-rocketing, it is unrealistic to request a 10% across the board discount on published; instead, present your budget and give the chef an opportunity to custom design a menu that will fall within it.
  • Adjusting for inflation, average daily room rates have not returned to 2007 levels.

Smart MondaySmart Monday

During Celebrate! Lessons Learned from the World's Most Admired Organizations, Scott Friedman, Chief Celebration Officer at Friedman & Associates explored a range of employee and client retention strategies. Key points included:

  • celebration is a key ingredient in attracting and retraining top talent.
  • the 4 components of celebration are Incivility, Gratitude, Play, and Surprise.
  • language has power (e.g. there is a different energy around speaking of deadlines instead of finish lines.
  • organizations should encourage employees to scan the environment to identify what is working well and build on that.

Organizations that "get it" when it comes to celebration include Google, where employees are given permission to play. Royal Plaza Singapore looks for ways to surprise clients and employees. Hyatt asks creative questions like, what would you like to have for your last meal and surprises employees with it on their birthdays.

After lunch, attendees had the option of selecting two of 9 concurrent sessions including:

  • The Five Responses to Change: Optimizing Your Professional Effectiveness When Facing Change by Mike Malinchok, Executive Coach, S2K Coaching
  • Risk Management for International Meetings, an interactive panel moderated by Tyra W. Hilliard, Associate Professor, The University of Alabama

one of 3 Deep Dives including:

  • Leadership Starts from Within by Paul Bridle, CEO, Bridle Group
  • Using 'Personality DNA' to Influence, Sell and Communicate More Effectively by David Bancroft-Turner, Director of Training Solutions, Matrix TC

one of 4 Senior Planner Deep Dives for for Meeting Agency Owners with 15+ years of industry experience:

  • Ten Biggest Mistakes to Avoid when Owning a Business by Leo Klijn, President, Henberger Group Inc.
  • Strategic Marketing by Shawna Suckow, Founder and President, SPIN


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