What's Hot: Social Painting for Corporate Events

Art StudioArt has been an under-utilized as a vehicle to help corporate teams tap into their creativity. Thanks to Art Jam and the social painting parties that it has inspired, this unique "paintertainment" that is perfect for corporate events and team building is spreading around the world.

Social Painting for Corporate Events

Art Jam started in Hong Kong on March 4, 2000, and quickly spread to other parts of Asia and then throughout the world. Select a simple venue like a bar or an art studio. Provide paint, brushes and small canvases, fabric or wall sized space to create murals. Mix in a glass of wine and some music to encourage people to relax.

Then, guided step-by-step by an art instructor, participants work independently, in pairs or in small groups to create their own artwork. At the end, groups relax over light refreshments. Think of it as a free-style painting party.

In this video, after the lead instructor shows the tools and steps to create the paintings, you can see an Art Jam in action.

Social painting can be used for corporate events, client appreciation, networking, receptions, and team building.

Team Building Through Social Painting

To use social painting for team building:

  • Begin with a short briefing by the CEO or another senior executive to articulate why creativity and innovation are important for the team and organization. It is really important to identify the specific business issues that have precipitated the need for a more creative approach, otherwise some participants may dismiss the experience as "fluff."
  • A trained facilitator should then take the team through facilitated business exercises that give members of the team the opportunity to explore the links between creating art and working as a team to "think outside the box" and produce business results.
  • Create a relaxed setting where participants can move beyond the fear of painting. Many people (myself included) did not have a positive experience with art at school and they may find the experience a bit intimidating at first. Taking the time to do some simple relaxation exercises can prepare participants for social painting.
  • The artist takes over at this point and guides the team through the experience. The canvases and materials are organized so that success is guaranteed. Some groups go as far as using paint by numbers to help the team create copies of masterpieces.
  • After a short break, the facilitator guides the team through debriefing and, if you have a full day, business application exercises to apply the creative process to business issues.

Where to find Social Painting:

This is just a small sample of the places where Art Jams and social painting are available.

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