Promoting Your Business Without Spamming LinkedIn Groups

On the weekend, an interesting question was posted on LinkedIn.

What if you join a group to promote your business but it's the one thing the group won't let you do?

Why not find a group with a better fit? There are promotional LinkedIn Groups and others with little or no moderation.

Whether you're promoting special events, weddings, business meetings or a catering business, we all join groups to network. Ultimately, the goal is to grow your event planning business or take your career as an event planner to the next level.

Strictly promotional pitches are a turn-off. It's the virtual equivalent of a carnival barker. Prospects are more likely to buy from people with whom they have rapport. Here are some alternatives.

Use Existing Introduction Discussions

Some groups have specific discussions where members can introduce themselves and share their coordinates.

Participate in Discussions:

  • Click on the "Search" tab.
  • Identify discussions where you can add value.
  • Offer advice and tips without pitching your wares.

Start Discussions:

  • Use short, catchy titles.
  • Summarize the issue or industry trend.
  • Share your viewpoint.
  • Ask key questions to stimulate discussion.

Share Non-Promotional Magazine, Newspaper, and Blog Content:

Review the group rules. Some luxury, sales and PR Groups ban members who post content that is not from journalistic sources.

  • Include a few paragraphs and link to the source.
  • Ask thought provoking questions.

Sure this takes time but it's better than the alternative. At best, people will tune you out or flag your content for deletion. Some groups have a one strike rule and you're out. One sales group tweets the names of people they've banned. Can you imagine a prospective client doing a Google search for your name and finding that tweet?

It isn't worth the risk.

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