Back to School: 30+ Strategies to Tap Into Your Creativity

Tom Todoroff Acting WorkshopAs we discussed yesterday, event and meeting planners wear many hats and require a myriad of competencies and skills in order to execute their roles effectively. To be effective in meeting and event planning, there is a need for a blend of creative and analytical skills.

Individuals tend to have natural strengths and aptitudes that cluster either around the creative or analytical competencies. For this reason, event planners who have a strong analytical skill set may not always find it easy to tap into their creativity but it is possible.

There are a number of strategies to spark your creativity and they all aren't directly related to event planning. Hone your skills and then seek opportunities to use your newly discovered creativity in your role as a meeting or event planner.

Courses and Workshops:

Creativity is creativity. The goal is not to become an expert but to loosen up, have fun and try something new. For example, an acting can help event planners learn to listen and speak more effectively and feel more comfortable in front of an audience. Art classes can be helpful when designing event marketing material.


  1. Acting Classan art class (e.g. painting, drawing, ceramics)
  2. an acting class or workshop
  3. an art appreciation course
  4. a cooking class
  5. an improv class
  6. a dance class
  7. a photography class
  8. a floral design class

Experiential Learning:

  1. Head to the beach.
  2. Start a photo blog.
  3. Enter an art contest.
  4. Go on a photo safari.
  5. Enter a cooking contest.
  6. Cooking Team BuildingTour a museum or art gallery.
  7. Create a collage or goal board.
  8. Plan a menu for a charity event.
  9. Learn to play a musical instrument.
  10. Participate in cooking team building.
  11. Create and maintain a Pinterest board.
  12. Take in a theater or dinner theater performance.
  13. Volunteer at a children's camp or day camp for a few weeks.
  14. Attend a creative arts festival like Nuit Blanche.


  1. Take in a festival in Japan.
  2. Take a cooking class in France.
  3. Attend Toronto's Luminato Festival.
  4. Put Yourself on the art track in France.

  1. Take in fashion week in another city.
  2. Go to a film festival in a foreign destination.
  3. Learn at the School of Hard Knocks in Singapore.
  4. Work with a team to create a Caribbean carnival costume or float.

Some experiences can simultaneously develop creative and analytical skills:

  • Learn a new language.
  • Work in a foreign country.
  • Start and maintain a blog.
  • Take a web design course.
  • Location ScoutingTake a graphic design course.
  • Take a summer course in Europe.
  • Develop a creative Prezi presentation.
  • Design a game to teach an analytical skill.
  • Volunteer for a conference planning committee.
  • Scout locations and/or plan an event in a foreign country.
  • Capture and document an event on video or through photos.


  • Coach high school students to develop and make presentations.
  • Conduct a workshop or campfire for a conference or tradeshow.

Photo Credit:  Tom Todoroff Acting Studio and Conservatory - All rights reserved, Exeutive Oasis International

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