40 Fantastic Family Activities for Conferences and Corporate Events

Some business meetings and conferences include invitations for spouses and children. Event planners can add value by providing engaging activities for spouses and families.

Activities for Spouses

Cooking EventIf spouses are invited here are some ideas to consider.

  1. Charity Events
    Give back to the community with school or hospital visits, garden planting, donation of parks, clean up days
  2. Art Gallery Tours
  3. Cooking Events
  4. Shopping Festivals.
    Schedule conferences or corporate events to coincide with shopping festivals in your selected destination.
  5. Day at the Spa
  6. Makeovers by make-up artists and hairdressers
  7. City or Country Tour
  8. Fashion Shows
  9. Botanical Gardens, Garden, Coffee or Tea Plantation Tours
  10. Garden Parties
  11. Afternoon Tea
  12. Tennis Lessons
  13. Show Jumping Events
  14. Volunteering at a Charity Polo Event
  15. Horse Riding Lessons and Competitions

Activities for Children & Teens

If children are invited, be sure to select at least one property with an existing children's program and child care facilities for infants in your list of official hotels and resorts. Site visits are essential to ensure that children won't be bored with finger painting and watching old DVDs.


  1. Visits to local schools or orphanages to give back to the community.
  2. Water parks (Wild Wadi in Dubai has a ladies night for women & their children of both sexes under the age of 8)
  3. Beach parties and picnics.
  4. Amusement parks.
  5. Candy or Chocolate Factories
  6. Museum Tours
  7. Art, Acting or Improvisation Workshops
  8. A performance by a children's theater troupe.
  9. Pictures and Popcorn Afternoon.
  10. So You Think You Can Dance contest.
  11. Dance party for teens.
  12. Catamaran Party Cruise for Teens.
  13. Dance party.
  14. Hip Hop performance.
  15. Snow or Ice Village Visits
  16. Sugaring off parties.
  17. Dog Sledding.
  18. Ice Skating
  19. Ziplining.
  20. Cooking Contest featuring local cuisine
  21. Soccer or hockey competition.
  22. Chess tournaments
  23. Overnight camping trips
  24. Horse Riding Lessons and Gymkhana Games (even on lead lines)
  25. Pee Wee Polo

When my son was a lot younger, I took him with me to a conference in Orlando. We arrived a couple of days early. I took advantage of the early registration and we had a great time at Disney World before the conference started. Then, it was conference for me during the day while he enjoyed himself in the resort's children's program. After a short nap, it was dinner and great fun at Disney World for both of us at night. What a treat for a 7 year old. Even though my son is at university now, it's a trip we both remember to this day.

Meeting and conference planners can create similar memories for the families of participants attending corporate events and conferences.

Photo Credits: Cooking Team Building, Executive Oasis International, and Wild Wadi, Jumeirah Group

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