SPRING.....into Your Next Event

Airplane Hangar GalaSpring is still 3 weeks away yet tweets and social media status updates expressing frustration with winter are popping up all over the Internet. Whether companies are in areas that usually experience winter or unexpected snowstorms have hit, it's time to spring into your next event.

  • Greet guests in a greenhouse, indoor rainforest, winter gardens or waterfall venue.
    Breath life into receptions, dinners and even meetings surrounded by nature. 
  • Splash in or hold a reception at an indoor beach or an indoor waterpark.
    When corporate teams have been working hard, an afternoon evening in a beach themed venue will provide a welcome relief from frosty weather.
  • Picnic Table GalaTransform any event venue with summer furniture.
    (e.g. patio furniture, umbrella tables, wicker chairs, folding chairs, or even picnic tables.)
  • Choose a venue with a skylight or an atrium.
    Natural sunlight adds a hint of spring.  
  • Select a tropical or summer theme.
    Even if there is a blizzard outside, using the right theme to create a spring-inspired event will give guests the break from winter they're craving.
  • Treat teams to recreational events or  team building with golf simulators.
    If it's not possible to enjoy some activities outdoors at this time of year, get creative and find venues that bring them indoors. Other examples include soccer, tennis and beach volleyball for team events that are strictly recreational.
  • Opt for lighter fare.
    Bring BBQ season indoor with light spring and summer fare like sliders, mini hotdogs, tacos, fajitas, or chicken and beef shish kebabs.   
  • Floral LuncheonLeverage the magic of color.
    Cvent Blog's feature Pantone Unveils Coolest Colors for 2014 Spring and Summer Events outlines this year's hottest colors for spring and summer.
  • Bring in the blooms.
    Opt for flowering plants, floral arrangements, or stunning photos of photos of flowers and gardens. Guests will appreciate the hint of Spring. Network with wedding planners can recommend florists who specialize in transforming indoor venues.

  • Take advantage of travel DVDs.
    If there is no budget to take a group to a tropical destination, pop DVD footage can add a touch of excitement to just about any event. Hotels, resorts and tourist boards will be happy to provide them and it may help you convince the group to travel to the destination to beat the winter chill next year.

For more tips to add spring touches to corporate events in the winter, also read Business Meetings 411: 10 Special Touches for Spring MeetingsInspiration for Event Planners: Plant Paradise10 Tropical Event Themes to Beat the Winter Chill and Tropical Venues for Corporate Events.  

Photo Credits: International Transport Forum, marketing deluxe, St. Peter Stiftskeller – Das Restaurant

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