Meetings 411: Staying On course for Q4

Steering WheelEarlier in the year, a Cvent blog feature outlined the steps for designing and facilitating year end meetings or kick-offs. The beginning of Q3 or Q4 is the ideal time to pull the team together for a face-to-face meeting to re-visit the goals and objectives set for the year and re-chart your course to ensure that all targets are met.

  1. Begin with an executive briefing to update the team.
  2. Review the initial targets and current performance.
  3. Involve the different departments and teams and give them an opportunity to present the potions of the update on which they have a direct impact.
  4. Identify any shortfalls or gaps in performance.
  5. Divide the group into teams and take them through a brainstorming process to generate ideas and possible solutions to close the gaps.
  6. If team members don't have much experience in brainstorming a team building simulation with a thorough debriefing is a painless way of introducing team members to some tools.

    Ideas for Simulations:

    Indoor Simulations with Board Games Simulations with Brainstorming Exercises and Outdoor Team Challenges Simulation with Live Projects
    • Visexecutaries (Visionary Executives) - intact or cross-functional project teams use brainstorming and planning tools to reach specific goals
    Computer Generated Simulation for Large Groups
  7. Use the ideas generated by the teams to formulate specific strategies to ensure that you hit all targets.
  8. Announce a strategy for tracking progress and updating employees. You can provide updates through an app., posters, the intranet but make it fun and engaging.
  9. Speaking of fun, if some targets have been exceeded, it's time to celebrate. Build some fun into the meeting. Cvent Event Blog features great venues on Wednesday and what's hot for corporate events on Friday.
  10. If this was not done earlier in the year, announce an incentive trip or special corporate event to reward top performing individuals or teams. The Cvent Event Blog profiles incentive destinations around the world on Tuesdays.

This process will definitely take more than one day so be prepared to arrange and onsite or offsite retreat or a series of meetings. 

For more idea generation meeting tips, also read More Proof: Face-to-Face Meetings Are Best for Idea Generation, and Team Building: Tips for Using Business Simulations.

Photo Credit: Gwyneth Anne Bronwynne

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