Corporate Event Planning: Sizzling Summer Team Events

Amazing Race Team Event While team building focuses on improving business results,  team events are just for fun. They are the perfect way to reward employees and thank top tier clients. For companies that don't have the budget for foreign incentive travel this year, local team events are an alternative.

Teams events can include voyageur canoe or dragon boat races, urban safaris, Amazing Race inspired challenges, luxury car activities, polo, and equestrian games or excursions.

Polo for corporate team events is also available near Toronto and other North American cities during the summer. In cooler months, it is offered in Dubai, Jamaica, Singapore, Jamaica, and other destinations around the world.



 Toronto Urban SafariTransform spectator sports or a dinner into a team event:

  • Organize the group into teams.
  • Start early.
  • Appoint team leaders
  • Provide clues to find the mystery event location.
  • Give prizes to the winning team.

With virtually no budget, you organize a potluck picnic contest preceded by a short scavenger hunt to a beach or lakeside picnic site.

At some destinations, for most of the day, it's too hot or hazy (high pollution count) for outdoor team events. Water or beach activities are viable if you start early (e.g. 6 or 7 AM). Consider sailing, canoeing, tubing, swim meets, BBQ challenges, and catamaran galley challenges. Then, head indoors for breakfast and a team meeting.

Indoor team events can include cooking challenges or team activities at an indoor water park or water park resort.



Ice skating relays or activities in a location that simulates winter is one of the most creative ways to beat the heat.

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