Team Building: 10 Key Questions to Ask Before Requesting Proposals

Before requesting a team building proposal, be sure that you can answer the following questions. This list is based on information that is often missing when team building proposals are requested.

  1. Do we need facilitated team building or a recreational team event?
    Many companies request team building when they are actually organizing recreational team events.
  2. What are our objectives?
    Your objectives should drive program selection.
  3. How many team members are participating?
    This will have a direct impact on the price per person.
  4. What is our budget and what does it include?
    (e.g. facilitation, meeting venues, event transportation, catering)
  5. What are our preferred dates?
    Have 2 or 3 options. Don't lock in your dates until you have selected a service provider.
  6. Do need on-site or off-site team building?
    Don't book event venues, hotels or resorts until the decision maker selects the program and the team building consulting firm identifies required facilities.
  7. Do any team members have physical challenges?
    This will have an impact on the selection of team-building simulations and meeting facilities.
  8. What has the team already done?
    There is no point in gathering duplicate proposals.
  9. How much time have we allocated for team building?
    For team building simulations, allocate a minimum of 1 day and a pre-briefing. Less than half a day is rarely realistic.
  10.   How much time do we need for business meetings?
    This is important for scheduling.

Extremely Important Questions:

  • Who will make the final decision?
  • What is the decision-making criteria?
  • When will a decision be made?

There is no point in gathering proposals unless your inquiry is serious.

These questions will help you create a checklist to ensure that you receive accurate and timely proposals with recommendations for business simulations and meeting facilities that will meet your needs.

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