9 Timely Topics for Meeting Planner Conferences

LooniesAs event and meeting planners design upcoming corporate meetings and conferences, it's extremely important to keep abreast of developments on the global landscape. There have been a number of recent international development that will have an impact on events.

Here are some topics that will be important to include on the agenda for conferences geared towards meeting and event planners who design corporate events.

  1. Impact of currency fluctuations.
    The Canadian dollar has unexpectedly plunged in comparison to the U.S. dollar. This means that U.S. companies can stretch events budgets in Canada. It also means that Canadian companies on a budget are more likely to plan events at home. This is just one example of a currency fluctuation with a direct impact on the industry.

    Breaking News: The Euro has just hit an 11-year low, making Europe more affordable for U.S. and Canadian companies.
  2. Impact of falling oil prices.
    Falling oil prices can lead to significant savings in transportation costs for events. This is an area that should be closely monitored by event industry professionals.

    For oil producing countries, the result is a decline in revenue including tax revenue and lay-offs, as well as a general tightening of belts.
  3. Corporate Event R.O.I. and Proving Your Value in the C-Suite.
    Related to topics 1 & 2, with recent talk about financial turbulence in some sectors up ahead, proactive strategies are urgently required to ensure that corporate executives continue to perceive the value of meetings and events.
  4. Ensuring safety and security for corporate events.
    The importance of taking steps to ensure the safety and security of event participants should never be under-rated; likewise, steps for securing websites against hackers are also extremely important. Event planners would all benefit from more instruction in this areas for both domestic and foreign events.
  5. Travel industry trends.
    It is important for event planners to keep abreast of emerging destinations and changes in the travel industry as these will have a direct impact on client expectations and open up some options (e.g. U.S. policies towards group travel to Cuba, luxury charters to the Caribbean, and new routes like Trinidad to Brazil).
  6. Tips for dealing with unexpected changes in weather.
    Whether it's flooding, hurricanes, or snowstorms, unexpected changes in weather can have a direct impact on events.
  7. Emerging technology for meetings and events.
    This is a given. There continue to be dramatic changes in event technology so it is an important area on which professional development for events planners need to focus.
  8. Strategies for handling delayed luggage.
    Sometimes event supplies or luggage for event planners or attendees can be delayed. Preventative strategies including what to pack in carry-ons and alternative methods for shipping key event suppliers are essential. Event planners also need to have specific strategies in place as sooner or later they may experience a delay in luggage.
  9. How to design more sustainable events.
    While clients may not always initiate discussions about sustainability, it's important for event planners to be proactive in this area both in terms of strategies and supplies for sustainable events.

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Photo Credits: Sharon Drummond

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