What's Hot: Transforming Event Venues Through Technology

Dry Fog Screen for PepsiSpace constraints sometimes mean that event planners need to be really creative to design the right environment for a special event. Fortunately, technology is making new event design options for transforming event spaces available.

Today we will look at dry fog screen projection, digital art, and rear-projected tiled digital wall displays:

Dry Fog Screen Projection

FogScreen, Inc. uses water and ultrasonic waves to project captivating walk-through images and environments with dry fog. The images appear to float in the air.

BMW Launch

Jeffrey Blondes Exhibit at Mettivier Gallery,  TorontoDigital Art

Recently, when I had some downtime before a reception, I browsed for a while at Toronto's Nicholas Metivier Gallery. It was immediately clear to me how this artistic work could be used by event planners to create the right ambiance or reflect a specific theme. The exhibit called Times and Tides featured the art of Jeffrey Blondes. It consisted of picture frames on both side so the wall and videos of a variety of environments inside the frames.

You can see a number of  Jeffrey Blondes' films that werewith in the frames here. Here is an example of one of them.

Rear-projected Tiled Digital Wall Displays

Rear-projected tiled digital wall displays are another example of how technology can transform event venues. Technology options include flat LCD panels and digital light processing (DLP). Here is an example of the use of this technology by Christie Microtiles.

Exterior: For Virgin Money

Interior: Video Dome for Google

For more innovative event technology to inspire event planners, also consult What's New: Technology for Event Marketing Innovation, Event Venues for Pop-up Events, and write up about Pavilion Event Dome, the world's first 360° projection event venue, in Kuala Lumpur: The Golden Triangle a 'Golden' Find for Event Planners on Cvent Event Blog.

Photo Credits: Fog Screen Inc., Mettivier Gallery



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