Triberr: A Powerful New Tool for Bloggers

Have you ever wanted to:

  • find great content to share with your Twitter followers?
  • get more re-tweets?
  • gain more exposure and attract more readers for your event planning blogs?

Few event planners have caught on to the benefits of Triberr.

Triberr members belong to small groups called tribes. Initially, each tribe has a maximum of 7 members. Members click on "account" to add their Twitter ID and the RSS feed for a specific blog that's relevant to the tribe's focus. Every time a member releases a new blog entry, it's automatically tweeted by all tribe members, significantly expanding the blog's reach. Triberr analytics help you monitor the level of interest in each blog entry.

To ensure that quality is high, no one can just sign up for Triberr. Existing members must invite new members to join one of their tribes. When you accept an invitation, Triberr gives you 3 of your own tribes and you become the chief. You can change the name, establish the membership criteria and invite members through Twitter and e-mail.

If a category does not exist for are of interest, add a new category to Triberr's index. I added:

  • Event Planning
  • Team Building
  • Incentive Travel

Most services are free. Bones are Triberr's currency. You get 100 free bones when you join Triberr. You can use 70 bones to upgrade a tribe so that you can invite existing Triberr members. This is called inbreeding. You can also use 30 bones to expand a tribe's membership beyond its 7 allocated membership slots. When you run out of bones, you can purchase more.

If you don't know any Triberr members, go to the site, look up a category of interest in the directory and request an invitation to join a specific tribe. You can also do a hashtag search for #triberr to find tweeps who are accepting membership applications. Triberr is a powerful tool for meeting planners and event planners who want to extend their reach.

Have YOU joined Triberr? What are the benefits? Do you have any questions about Triberr?

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