8 Ways to Unleash Team Creativity at Meetings

Four Seasons Maui When organizations face challenges, it's important to tap into the creativity of all team members to generate innovative solutions. When it's time to stretch your team beyond habitual boundaries, shake things up by taking them to an environment fosters innovation, or by engaging them in an activity that stretches their creative muscles.

Take time to debrief the experience together, and then participate in brainstorming exercises that apply creative thinking skills in resolving specific organizational challenges.

  1. Play music.
    It can be background music or a music video or teams coming together to create company related lyrics to a musical score. Music is sure to relax participants and spark creativity.
  2. Try an art project.
    Team members don't need to have any special talent to try pottery, colouring, or social painting
  3. Meeting on the beachTake your meeting outdoors.
    Even if you can't travel for a specific meeting, there are many options, even in the city. Try a terrace, rooftop patio, a park, or the quiet corner of an urban beach. In the winter, greenhouses, atriums, glass houses, indoor beaches, and venues with large picture windows work well.
  4. Meet at a museum or art gallery.
    Many of them have meeting facilities or conference rooms. Take a break, view the collections and return to the meeting with renewed energy.
  5. Surround them with color and light.
    Color and light stimulate the rods and cones of the eyes and, in so doing, can stimulate the brain.
  6. Beach Team MeetingHead to the beach to spark your creativity.
    A relaxing setting that is very different from a traditional meeting room can invigorate teams and give them the energy to come up with new solutions.
  7. Participate in an improv workshop together.
    Improv requires actors to respond on the fly and come up with a range of options. Team members will have gain similar benefits from improv.
  8. Send team members out to interview representatives from companies with a reputation for innovation.
    For one of my company's clients, in addition to the usual challenges that were just for fun, each team was assigned a different experience. They popped in at a luxury car dealership, upscale retailer, luxury hotel, and an airline. Everything was a arranged in advance and they were given a format to share their findings through a mini-performance. After a debriefing, teams were re-configured and they applied what they had learned through the interviews to their own organizational challenges.

What meeting environments and activities have you used to spark creativity during meetings?

Photo Credit: Four Seasons Resort Maui, Meeting Facilitation, Executive Oasis International

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