Women Planners: 9 On-the-Road Hairstyling Tips

Hair pin-up up-doWhen you're traveling, if you run into inclement weather, you can't just make a quick trip to your favorite salon for a rescue.

Here are 9 hairstyling tips for when you are on the road and Mother Nature just isn't co-operating. 

  1. Ask your regular hairdresser to style your hair and pin the curls in place.

    Cover it with a silk scarf until you are ready for your event or to see your client (Even the Queen and other members of the British Royal Family wear scarves.)
  2. Ask your stylist to pin the curls and style them into in an "up-do" or knot.

    You can dispense with the scarf. 

Up-do HairstyleHair Knot

Options 1 and 2 are reliable strategies which also work well during just about any event set-up. All bets are off if you run into extreme humidity or rainy weather.

  1. Bring lots of bobby pins and be prepared to pin your hair into an attractive style.

    The weather during my recent trip to the Caribbean was rainy and very humid. When I took my hair down just before heading to the airport to greet my client group, half of it had almost completely frizzed out. I was quickly able to pin it in a sophisticated style. The half-braid pictured below on the left would have been perfect.

Updo HairstyleHalf Braid

  1. If you are handy with a blow dryer and curling iron or flat iron, be sure to always bring them with you for quick fixes.
  2. Moisturizing your hair and pinning into curls overnight will revitalize many hairstyles.

    Air travel can dry hair and skin so bringing along a good moisturizer is always important.

    My hair was again looking great by the next day when I headed to the airport to meet the CEO.
  3. French braidOpt for an "up-do", French braid, bun, or twist.

    I noticed towards the end of my recent trip that I wasn't the only woman in the group wearing an "up-do" or twist. Here is what happened to me when went to meet the CEO.

    When I went into the terminal building to wait for the CEO, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Then, the sky darkened, a strong wind started to blow and it absolutely poured.

    The umbrella was in the mini-bus and the thatched roof and open design while attractive provided no protection. Bobby pins again came to the rescue.

    (I wish I had seen this video by a woman who ran into the same situation and these natural hair bun styling tips.)

    Music Alert

  1. Budget for an emergency trip to the hairdresser but opt for a roller set to minimize damage.

    As I've discovered during a couple of trips to Asia, even professional hairdressers can damage your hair if they aren't used to blow drying and styling hair with your texture.
  2. In extreme humidity or rainy weather, work with not against Mother Nature by selecting a style that works with your natural hair texture.

    With naturally curly, wavy or frizzy hair, the sleekest style can revert within hours. This hair has been blow dried and curled on the left and attractively styled with wash and wear hair products on the right.


Blow Dried HairWash and Wear Hair

  1. Invest in a good wig.

    During a fam trip to Oman. my fellow planners couldn't figure out how I found time to go the beach and fit in a trip to the hairdresser in the 2 hours between our arrival at the hotel and the evening event. I guess the cat is now out of the bag.

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Photo Credits: Wickerfurniture, Jazma Hair Inc.

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