How iBeacons Can Improve Your Event

Meetings tech expert Corbin Ball recently described iBeacons as having a major impact on events. But, why? (And what are iBeacons again?) iBeacons are another way for you to use mobile technology to engage your smartphone-attached attendees. This is especially important as global smartphone...read more

Event Apps: Helping Attendees Network

Social media has made it easy for people to meet and establish relationships online. As a result, when people attend an event, they are excited about meeting their online peers in person. They do not want to leave those important connections to chance. Savvy event organizers will provide their...read more

Mobile Elements All Exhibitors Can Use

The right mobile strategy can be great, and even exhibitors can get in on the attendee engagement. With over 6.8 billion mobile phone subscribers, it is an intuitive way to connect with your attendees. So, where should you start?   Using mobile for lead retrieval: Mobile is a great way to increase...read more

3 Ways Sponsors Can Use Mobile For Brand Engagement

Mobile apps have a profound effect on brand engagement. In fact, the average smartphone user spends 140 minutes a day using apps. And with more and more trade shows providing apps for the show, these mobile users will more than likely be using the app for up-to-date info and assistance. Sponsors can...read more

Location is the New Killer App

Location technologies are the current darlings in event technology for good reason. By leveraging WiFi, magnetic fingerprints, beacons, mobile devices, near field communication, Bluetooth Low Energy, and radio frequency identification (likely not all at once), event planners are amassing rich...read more

CrowdCompass VIP Admin Center Is a Time Saver for Planners

I’ve often wondered if studies could be done on the amount of time event planners spend on the back and forth emails and phone calls trying to get a speaker’s, exhibitor’s, or sponsor’s information in the right format. I’m sure you’re all familiar with those conversations. You: Hi, this is Sam from...read more

Using Event Apps with SWAG

As a promotional products distributor, I get a lot of questions about what’s “hot” in terms of swag (Souvenirs, Wearables And Gifts). I always encourage people to think more in terms of what’s hot for their audience instead of what’s hot on the market. That being said, I will say that finally some...read more

Mobile Channels Worth a Second Look for Your Trade Shows

Mobile channels are a great way to engage with your tradeshow attendees. But before you skip to the next big thing, review some of these 'historic' mobile channels — they may be worth a second look.   Email: More than 100 billion emails are sent and received each day. But sometimes this highly-used...read more

Mobile: Secret Glue for Your Hybrid Meetings

Have you introduced a virtual element to a meeting? Maybe you’ve gone revolutionary and formed a hybrid hackfest where you have people from all over the world collaborating with your onsite developers? Or, perhaps, like most, you’ve done something a little safer and simply added a video stream of...read more

Avoid these Mobile Event App Pet Peeves

Serving events for years, I’ve marveled at how more and more technology has been blended into the event experience over time. Mobile event apps are one of those marvels that eliminate confusion, cost and clutter, while at the same time enhancing communication and convenience. But when not used...read more
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