Avoid these Mobile Event App Pet Peeves

Serving events for years, I’ve marveled at how more and more technology has been blended into the event experience over time. Mobile event apps are one of those marvels that eliminate confusion, cost and clutter, while at the same time enhancing communication and convenience. But when not used...read more

Why Go Mobile Webinar: 5 Tips from an Event Planner

Our recent webinar, Why Go Mobile, focused on mobile trends you should bring back to your organization and its events. While we always have plenty to say on the topic of mobile apps for events, our guest speaker had an interesting story to share. Joe Ventimiglia is responsible for Checkers & Rally's...read more

CrowdCompass Launches a New e-Book — Mobile Apps for Events: Now it’s Personal

CrowdCompass by Cvent has had the privilege of working with thousands of events. During the last several years, they’ve watched as mobile devices became entwined with attendees’ daily lives. This has raised expectations as to how a mobile event app should enhance the event experience. They’ve...read more

Now that Meetings are Mobile Friendly, What's Next?

It is confirmed. Our event participants depend on their mobile devices. There are few needs—from locating the nearest Starbucks to perusing the conference agenda to finding a booth on the trade show floor—that cannot be addressed with an event app and the hardware it lives on. So, what do we do with...read more

Getting Events Prepared for the Wearable Technology Era

Haven’t you always secretly wished you could be communicating with your watch, just like a comic book hero? Who doesn’t? And your wish may be coming true! As reported by Slate, the "Dick Tracy" watch is now real with the launch of Samsung’s smartwatch product. Even contact lenses that can function...read more

Using a Mobile Event App to Deal with On-site Changes

Just when you thought you had everything buttoned down and ready to go for your conference or convention—aargh! Last-minute changes to meeting rooms, speakers or exhibitors occur. And then more changes come in on site. You’re starting to feel a little bit like the ancient Greek philosopher...read more

Engage Attendees with a Mobile-Friendly Game

Hopefully you have read my tips to make your trade show communication mobile-friendly, and you now want to go to the next level. If you want to use a game platform at a trade show, make sure your engagement is mobile-friendly.  Entice: Start out the process of gamification by having your...read more

Why You Should Use Your Mobile Device for Lead Capture

Your mobile phone has many abilities, and lead capture can be one of them. If you are still wondering why you should utilize mobile technology at trade shows, consider this: Up to 70% of leads acquired at trade shows are never followed up on by a sales rep. A big reason for this may be that more...read more

How Should Trade Show Exhibitors Use a Mobile Event App?

“The trade show management folks should be responsible for the show’s mobile event app.” Technically, that’s true. However, exhibitors are missing out on some unique opportunities to connect with attendees and build booth traffic by not integrating their own marketing with the trade show’s app....read more

Five Reasons You Might Need an Interactive Map in Your Event App

A friend of mine recently lamented the fact that the app she downloaded for a trade show didn’t have a map that would show her how far the airport she was flying into was from the official show hotel. She said, “what’s the point of having this app if it doesn’t have the information I need?”On the...read more
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