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Heidi Thorne, Thorne Communications LLC, is a promotional marketing expert, speaker and author. She has been in sales, marketing, advertising and public relations for over 25 years, including a decade in the trade show and hospitality industries. Learn more about Heidi at

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Could Possible Twitter Changes Affect Event Planners?

#Nooooooo That’s a hashtag that a lot of Twitter addicts might be using upon the news that Twitter may be reconstructing how @replies and #hashtags function in the future. As reported on, Twitter’s head of news, Vivian Schiller, apparently had made a comment during a speech that more

Avoid these Mobile Event App Pet Peeves

Serving events for years, I’ve marveled at how more and more technology has been blended into the event experience over time. Mobile event apps are one of those marvels that eliminate confusion, cost and clutter, while at the same time enhancing communication and convenience. But when not more

The Most Important Question to Answer when Developing an Event App

You’ve just spent a great deal of time and money on creating a whiz bang mobile event app. Then, in the post-event analysis, you look at the stats and realize that few attendees actually downloaded or used it. What happened? The most likely cause for this non-behavior is that you didn’t answer more

Celebrating 25 Years of the Web and its Impact on Event Apps

The web is now 25 years old. Seems like a looooong time, but it really is a mere blink in human history. In 1988, our primary trade show “app” was a printed trade show directory and on-site signage. But look at where we are now! As we look back and look forward from this significant more

Mobile Event Apps and Maps: The Coming “You Are Here” Future

Where would we be without Google Maps and other location-based apps? Lost! How much do we depend on these mapping programs? In 2013, Google Maps was noted as being used by 54 percent of smartphone owners in the past month (Business Insider reporting on a Global Web Index study). What does this more

What People are Doing on Cell Phones and How that Can Affect Event Apps

As smartphones get even more powerful in terms of what they can do, what people do with their cell phones has expanded accordingly—as evidenced by findings in the 2013 Pew Internet Cell Phone Activities Study. So what are people doing when they’re on their mobile phones? Here are some cell more

Is It a Tablet or Notebook? Multipurpose Device Impact on Mobile Event Apps

Attention event planners: Tablets are taking over! According to a article on the 2013 holiday shopping season, a study by The NPD Group reports that tablet devices had huge sales. Android device sales were up 160 percent. Windows tablet sales tripled. Apple iPads command 59 percent of more

Getting Events Prepared for the Wearable Technology Era

Haven’t you always secretly wished you could be communicating with your watch, just like a comic book hero? Who doesn’t? And your wish may be coming true! As reported by Slate, the "Dick Tracy" watch is now real with the launch of Samsung’s smartwatch product. Even contact lenses that can more

Gotta Have It Now! How a Mobile Event App Can Provide Just In Time Info

Have you used a mobile phone to get info in a hurry when you’re on the go? If so, you’re not alone! According to a 2012 Pew Internet & American Life Project study on just-in-time mobile connections, 70 percent of cell phone owners and 86 percent of smartphone owners have done the same thing in more

Integrating Twitter and Your Mobile Event App

Twitter is certainly one of the most mobile-friendly social media networks. Ever wonder why there’s a 140 character limit? From the beginning, people could text in their tweets with standard text messages. A standard text message is 160 characters. Allowing 20 characters for the tweeter’s more
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