Mind-Boggling Stats on Millennials' Tech Choices

Source: Stock.xchng/lusi teens on cell phonesMarketers are still scrambling to find out what makes the Millennial Generation, also known as Generation Y, tick. Computers and cell phones have always been a part of their daily lives. So as they are now coming of age to attend trade shows and events, they’re perfect candidates for mobile event apps, right? Yes… but with some special considerations.

In a post on Switch & Shift, a blog on “the human side of business,” some mind-boggling millennial generation stats were reported that will definitely have an impact on how events integrate technology. The stats were collected from a study by Telefonica and The Financial Times that surveyed 12,000 in this generational pool globally. Since the focus of the survey was leadership issues, two sets of stats were collected for those in the general population and those identified as leaders. Both are revealing.

Overall, 44 percent of the millennial leaders and 30 percent of the global age group surveyed said that technology was influential in their life to date. Those stats seem low, especially when the following stats are considered:

  • Own a smartphone: 82% for leaders, 76% globally.
  • Own a laptop: 80% for leaders, 74% globally.
  • Own a desktop: 66% for leaders, 50% globally.
  • Own a tablet: 46% for leaders, 28% globally.

Surprised? For smartphones, those numbers are certainly expected. High laptop and even desktop use, though, is a bit more surprising. Most shocking is that only 28 to 46 percent of millennials surveyed own tablets! As discussed in Are Your Attendees Ready for a Mobile Event App?, a Pew Internet study found that 31 percent of tablet owners were aged 30 to 49 and 27 percent were 50 to 64. So is the bigger tablet screen more of a hit with older generations? Possibly.

How about phablets, devices that are a hybrid of a phone and a tablet? These were not specifically addressed in the millennial survey. But as noted in Should You Prepare for a Phablet Future?, larger smartphones might curtail phablet use and growth. So for this smartphone-centric crowd, phablets may not be a huge factor.

For those developing mobile event apps for a younger audience, concentrating on how the apps function on smartphones is the way to go. But pre-event promotions could still be a hit on laptop devices. Therefore, the best strategy is to offer an app that is friendly on multiple mobile platforms.

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