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A long time content marketer and blogger for her company, Icon Presentations Audio Visual, Jenise Fryatt is also content marketing strategist for Smarter Shift, a digital marketing and content management company.

She is a member of the research team that produced two studies for Meeting Planners International: The Strategic Value of Virtual Events and Hybrid Events: Research and Tools. She also co-organized Event Camp Europe, a hybrid event about hybrid events.

She is a conference presenter on the topics of social media marketing strategy, social media for events and virtual and hybrid events and she runs a weekly Twitter chat about content marketing, #ContentChat, every Monday at 3 PM. 

The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Cvent or any other organization or individual.

The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Cvent or any other organization or individual.

Why You Should Follow Some Eggs on Twitter

A lot of social media management professionals will tell you that you shouldn't follow Twitter accounts that have the Twitter egg as their avatar. Why? Well, the egg usually indicates that the person is new to Twitter and/or probably isn't serious enough about using it to adequately complete more

Spark More Interest in Your Twitter Posts by Adding Images

Did you know that your tweets are significantly more likely to be retweeted and favorited when you include images in them?  In case you didn't notice, Twitter added the ability to include inline images in tweets last Fall. The feature allows you to add images to your tweets which don't more

Conference Content Marketing: A Few Basic Tips for Measuring Your Success

Content marketing is best done with long term goals in mind.  It is a process whereby a potential attendee gets to know, like and trust  your brand enough over time that when the registration window opens, he or she is eager to pay the price. But outside of those precious registrations, how do more

Conference Content Marketing: Tips for Planting & Growing Your Social Media Garden

Implementing a content marketing strategy that rewards you with an abundant harvest of online traffic, referrals and leads is not unlike growing a thriving vegetable garden. The time you take to plan, prepare and cultivate will largely determine your results. Too often, however, event marketers more

Conference Marketing: A Powerful Secret to Building Relationships with Journalists Online

Whether you are seeking to use social media to market your annual event; looking to build thought leadership for your association; or building a reputation as an online resource for those in your niche, a mention by a reputable media outlet can be rocket fuel for your objectives. Before more

The Career-Making Power of the Face-to-Face Online Community

It's difficult for me to over-state how beneficial solidifying online relationships through face-to-face meetings at conferences has been to my life. This simple formula has been responsible for providing me with a successful independent career in content and social media marketing that pays more

How to Promote Your Association Event on LinkedIn

LinkedIn provides excellent opportunities for finding and marketing your event to those most likely to be interested. But as a social media platform specifically geared to business networking, LinkedIn's success rests largely on its enforcement of professional protocol. Thus, blasting your " more

5 More Questions to Ask About Your Association Social Media Strategy

 Associations have their own unique challenges when it comes to social media marketing. Marketing goals for such organizations are often not as simple as convincing people to buy a product. Member recruitment, member engagement, resource sharing, and advocacy may all be among the stated objectives. more

Conference Content Marketing: Create Brand Ambassadors One Friend at a Time

Event marketers like to focus on tactics that get measurable results in a short amount of time. And that makes sense as we are always under pressure to justify the cost of marketing. However, some of the biggest returns come from months or even years spent building relationships with key more

Conference Content Marketing: Keep the Interaction Flowing Online and On Site

Which came first? The conference or the online community? Lately it's become more and more difficult to definitively answer that question. That's because, though most event professionals see the conference as the origin of their associated online community, many conferences, meetups and other more
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