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A long time content marketer and blogger for her company, Icon Presentations Audio Visual, Jenise Fryatt is also content marketing strategist for Smarter Shift, a digital marketing and content management company.

She is a member of the research team that produced two studies for Meeting Planners International: The Strategic Value of Virtual Events and Hybrid Events: Research and Tools. She also co-organized Event Camp Europe, a hybrid event about hybrid events.

She is a conference presenter on the topics of social media marketing strategy, social media for events and virtual and hybrid events and she runs a weekly Twitter chat about content marketing, #ContentChat, every Monday at 3 PM. 

The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Cvent or any other organization or individual.

The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Cvent or any other organization or individual.

Laying the Foundation for Your Event Social Media Strategy

Incorporating social media into your event involves the consideration of many details that, amid the hustle-and-bustle of planning, are often left to the last minute. This problem occurs when the importance of social media is overlooked and developing a strategy for using it at your event isn't more

Brand Advocates: The Magic Ingredient in Your Event Social Media Strategy

In a previous post I shared some tips on laying a solid foundation for a successful event social media strategy.  The importance of starting early to plan for social media engagement before, during, and after your event, can't be overstated.  But when it comes to one of the most powerful tactics more

More Tips From Neal Schaffer on Using LinkedIn to Market Events

Not everyone thinks of LinkedIn when it comes to marketing events. Many still view the site strictly as an online resume or job-search tool.  But LinkedIn is a social media platform - albeit one aimed at people looking to advance their careers - and as such, it offers excellent opportunities more

7 More Tools to Improve Your Event Marketing Productivity Online

It certainly can be argued that without today's digital marketing and productivity tools, it would be impossible for online marketers to do what they do. So being aware of (and mastering at least some of) these tools is a necessary part of any event marketer's job. The scope of what's more

Social Media Marketing Author Neal Schaffer on Using LinkedIn to Market Events

  "The people that are attending your conference are primarily going to be on LinkedIn." Before Neal Schaffer was a minor social media industry, he authored a blog called "Windmill Networking: Maximizing LinkedIn," that I read religiously. Much of what I know about LinkedIn comes from reading more

5 Tools to Improve Your Event Marketing Productivity

Finding the time to search for and test new tools can be almost impossible, but it is absolutely necessary if you want to stay relevant as an event marketer. I admit, I don't try nearly as many new tools as often as I'd like. But when I do, it's usually based on the recommendation of someone more

Update Your Social Media Profiles, Tools and Tactics to Improve Your Event Marketing

Congratulations! You've created your social media profiles and employ a consistent content marketing strategy for your event. Chances are, if you've been helping others and contributing to your niche communities on social media, you are beginning to see a boost in your event registrations. Well, more

How to Create a Human Presence for Your Event Brand on Social Media

In the past event marketers never had to think about engagement. Their job was to promote brands, very often through the use of broadcast media tools such as commercials, print ads or billboards. The conversation was one way with the brand talking at the audience a few times and then hoping that more

Why You Should Follow Some Eggs on Twitter

A lot of social media management professionals will tell you that you shouldn't follow Twitter accounts that have the Twitter egg as their avatar. Why? Well, the egg usually indicates that the person is new to Twitter and/or probably isn't serious enough about using it to adequately complete more

Spark More Interest in Your Twitter Posts by Adding Images

Did you know that your tweets are significantly more likely to be retweeted and favorited when you include images in them?  In case you didn't notice, Twitter added the ability to include inline images in tweets last Fall. The feature allows you to add images to your tweets which don't more
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