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A long time content marketer and blogger for her company, Icon Presentations Audio Visual, Jenise Fryatt is also content marketing strategist for Smarter Shift, a digital marketing and content management company.

She is a member of the research team that produced two studies for Meeting Planners International: The Strategic Value of Virtual Events and Hybrid Events: Research and Tools. She also co-organized Event Camp Europe, a hybrid event about hybrid events.

She is a conference presenter on the topics of social media marketing strategy, social media for events and virtual and hybrid events and she runs a weekly Twitter chat about content marketing, #ContentChat, every Monday at 3 PM. 

The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Cvent or any other organization or individual.

The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Cvent or any other organization or individual.

Yes, And! For Conference Content Marketing Success

The term "Yes, and..." is well known to improvisers but more and more business owners and content marketers are learning the value of this improv tool. Improvisers know it means that whatever someone brings to a scene, the rest of the improv team must acknowledge and build on it.  So for instance more

5 Tips for Gaining the RIGHT Followers on Social Media

Success in social media marketing hinges on identifying the places where your target audience hangs out and then enticing these potential customers to follow your posts. Find & entice. It's kind of like identifying that place on the lake where all the fish hang out, and then using just the more

Goldie and the 3 Digital Marketing Mistakes: An Event Planner's Tale

Once upon a time there was a seasoned and successful event planner named Goldie. Goldie's company, Goldies Good Times Factory, was well-established and did a brisk business built mostly on word of mouth. Clients loved her friendly, personal touch and attention to detail. Her creativity and more

Twitter Newbie to Twitter Chat Maniac: Simple Steps To Get You Tweet Chatting Like a Pro

The Twitter chat. You've heard that it's a great way to network and build thought leadership online. You've heard how it provides opportunities for answering questions and solving problems. But whenever you try to join in, the fast-flowing stream, filled with multiple conversations, just seems more

Is Your Conference Content Marketing Too Self-Serving?

Like water finding its way through every possible crack in a sinking ship, self-serving marketing messages continue to seep into every corner of our lives. They don't ask for our permission, they invade our space whenever they feel like it. Thus we long ago began viewing them as "the enemy" more

3 Developments That May Affect Your Content Marketing

If you've been using digital methods to market your event for a while now, chances are you've learned to ride the waves of change brought on by technology. Experience has taught many of us that the ability to adapt to change in a rapid manner, is a must for content marketing success. But more

7 Ways to Build a Sense of Ownership Within Your Online Community

Online communities come and go. But some have lasting power.  These are the places where members return again and again to share and gain knowledge, network and pass time in an enjoyable way. What do these communities have that others don't? Most of the time, the answer is members share a sense more

10 Ways to DESTROY Your Search Engine Ranking

It's difficult to overestimate the value of a high online search engine (SEO) ranking for a business. Appearing on the first page of results for an online search confers credibility and is likely to drive a significant amount of traffic to any website. Yet many businesses remain oblivious to more

What Algorithms Mean for Your Content Marketing

Last week, I offered a few LinkedIn tips for associations. But if you're just getting started in social media, you may be confused by the terms "SEO" and "keywords." Let me explain: If you want your content to appear at the top in Internet searches, it's important to understand the mechanisms more

A Few LinkedIn Tips for Associations

For many associations, LinkedIn is a natural fit for engaging with members because its purpose is to facilitate the advancement of individual careers as well as businesses. And since older members more readily understand the value of LinkedIn for business networking, they are often more likely more
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