6 Basic Steps for Posting Video on Your Event Blog

vlogPosting an interesting video clip on your blog is a surprisingly simple way to use content from your conference or event, spark conversation, promote registration and much more. Here are a few steps to get you started, along with some general guidelines.

1. Get a YouTube or Vimeo Account

Video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo allow you to upload your videos and share them with others. They also will create an embed code for your video that can be easily posted on your blog for viewing. Create an account on one of these sites and read the instructions on how to post videos on the site.

2. Post on Your Video Sharing Site

Most video editing or video capture software these days usually includes the ability to upload your videos to video sharing sites. This is the first step you must take to add a video clip to your blog.

3. Add Tags

Before you hit the final "post" button on the clip you are going to share on your video sharing site, make sure to add tags so that it can be easily found by others seeking that info. Those who see the video on your video sharing site may also be led to your blog post, if you have included links to it.

4. Copy & Paste Embed Code on Your Blog

Once you have uploaded your video to your video sharing site, locate the button that allows you to create an embed code.  On YouTube, it looks like this.

YouTube embed code

5. Adjust the size of the frame

Make sure to adjust the size of the frame to fit your blog.  On YouTube, you can choose from pre-sized frames. Just clicking on your choice changes the embed code. However you also have the option of resizing the frame yourself. 

6. Copy and Paste the Code Onto Your Blog

Once the embed code is created on your video sharing site, copy and paste it it to the html of your blog post. Be sure to place the code exactly where you want the video to appear. 

To further draw attention and make sure your blog readers know about your video, you may want to include the word "VIDEO" in your title and place the video near the very top of your post so that viewers will not have to scroll down to see it.

Posting video on your event blog is a great way to share interviews with speakers, attendees and event notables; or for sharing clips from sessions or keynotes.  Just remember that blog readers are usually short on time so keeping your video blog posts less than three minutes in length is a good rule of thumb.

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(Photo by Canadian Film Centre)

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