Mobile Gives Sponsors New Marketing Channels

marketing channels for sponsors Gaining sponsors is one of the many goals on an organizer’s to-do list, but how do you get them to come back year after year?  Make them more successful. Mobile apps create new marketing channels for sponsors so they can target potential customers and attract new leads.

Mobile makes it possible through push notifications—a more personal and direct way for sponsors to notify attendees about an exciting giveaway or special offer. Mobile coupons actually get 10 times the redemption rate compared to traditional coupons. And because 91% of Americans keep their mobile devices within reach 24/7, sending a push notification is a more effective method for sponsors to connect with your attendees.

Every sponsor wants to see how their marketing campaigns perform against their objectives. A great graphic can do a lot for your brand, but there’s no way to tell how many people looked at it or for how long. Sponsors can use mobile to their advantage by including banners, logos, promotions and more—all within one cost-effective app from CrowdCompass. Our conference apps show your sponsors concrete, measurable results by tracking impressions and clicks. This gives your sponsors valuable insight into what interests their customers so they can improve their marketing strategies.

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