What Gets Crowds Going at Trade Shows

racing at semaHave you ever walked onto a trade show floor and felt like it's pulsating with activity? Like there's electricity in the air? Even if you were not there to make a deal for a new line of refrigerators or meet your next big client, you still leave feeling energized and ready to move mountains.

What creates that feeling? Covering shows like the World of Concrete and SEMA (a specialty automotive show), I noticed that one of the answers is – action! The more action the better. Anything that moves, especially with a certain vroom! to it attracts attention, and where there are three people, there can be four and five and then a crowd.

Examples? At the recent World of Concrete, hundreds of attendees filled up the bleachers for a speed brick-laying competition. Those people can really move and the crowds loved it. The same goes for competitions where pros could drive equipment or attendees could learn something new and show off their skills.

At SEMA, the entire parking lot was turned into a race track and attendees flocked to see how the pros were tearing up the rubber. In the process, they also stopped by the sponsors' booths all around the track. Did the muscle power magically blend with the sales power? You bet.

If at your show there's no way you can have a forklift race, there may be other ways to drive action. A celebrity signing session? Taking photos with Elvis? Pizza flipping? Add the element of action to your event management and let your imagination take the lead.

What has attracted YOUR attention at trade shows? Leave a comment!


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